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  • Berkshire Road
    There are two different Social Security disability programs.

    If you are applying for SSD, the program based on your work credits, then household income is not a factor at all. Billionaires can get it. But if you are applying for SSI, the poverty program, then you have to have an extremely low household income and less than $2000 in assets.

    Someone who should know told me that, as of this year, you can work part time while applying, as long as you make no more than $900/month, which is the amount you can earn while ON disability. I didn't look this up myself but you certainly can. But this is very new; in the past you could not be working at all when you made your application. So I wonder if they take you less seriously if you're still working. I don't know, I just wonder.

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  • Kirs10
    started a topic Disability Question

    Disability Question

    I am just beginning to look into the whole disability thing. I have a couple of question I was hoping the someone could answer for me.....I am going to order the book on this website that will help me, but I was wondering of the people here that recieve disablility how many are married with two incomes? And can you work part time while you apply? I am not really sure what to do I am missing at least 4 or five days a month from work and they are being very understanding but that can't last forever.
    Any advice would be appreciated.