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    does anyone know after approved how long it takes to get your money. i put in for ssdi and said to come from a proscessing center. i have already got letter from lawyer said 60-120 days. does it really take that long? if anyone knows please post due to really having money problems,lost car. nancy

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    I really does take that long, and sometimes longer. I wish it didn't, but it does. Even then, you may or may not get your back $$ with or before your first regular check. In my situation, the processing center screwed things up causing me to wait 6 whole months from the date I was approved to the date I actually got the first check (which was the wrong amount! It took several more months to get that srtaightened out).
    But, in your case, there may be a way to get it quicker. You might want to try (or have your attorney do it) to contact SSA and tell them about your situation. Sometimes being in financial dire straits can help you get your $$ quicker.