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2 Months & Still No Word

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  • 2 Months & Still No Word

    It's been 2 months since my hearing & I still haven't heard a word from the judge or my atty about the decision GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I've emailed my atty & everything with no replies. I have a feeling he never did send in the records from my Uro the judge was waiting on that he didn't have at the hearing. What a joke of an atty!!!!


    Another thing is after 3 yrs of waiting what I understood I will only get back pay for the past 6 WEEKS!!!
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    show up at his office and ask him. or go to the courts and review you records.
    good luck
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      If you lawyer has done his job. (Mine did absolutely nothing, except for call me to see if I had been approved and wanted me to complete the paperwork for his pay check. I was my own lawyer and he didn't deserve a dime.) You might want to call you federal congressional reps and senators. They can help guide you thru the system and see if you are being treated fairly.



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        You can get, and send, the Uro's records yourself. I know, that's what you're paying him for... I would, in fact, just walk in to the lawyer's office and ask him to put the records in an envelope and send them, right then. Possibly he has not even gotten them from the Uro. Sounds like you got a dud for a lawyer, and that's really unfortunate, because if he had done his job, the judge would have made a decision right at the hearing.
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