This is my question...should I apply for SSI or SSD? I have not worked for the past 3 years. I have been staying home to care for my children. my daughter just turned 3 and I have a 7 month old.

I have had female issuse all my life but it seems that after the birth of my daughter things went down hill. I truly believe that I have had IC for a while now at least since I have had the dermoid tumor with my ovary removed. This is what I think is that I have been treated for the female issuse because you could see those. Now that I have had a hyst (in Dec) and still having the SAME problems I was DX

So I'm not sure what I should do? I am however on Foodstamps....things are hard. I have tried to start up a photography business but I have not been able to really get it off the ground. I have had a few weddings and a few family sessions. It is truly hard!!! Well u guys know this

I have had the PST done and just had the CYCST done to confirm the IC. Offical DX from PST was done in March and the Cycst was done yesterday.

So I'm asking what you guys think. Any thoughts would be welcomed.

Thanks ahead of time