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question about spin from private insurance

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  • armslee
    Hi Marshmel-
    Not sure why they asked but when I had my phone interview with The Hartford they asked me all kinds of bizarre questions. I think that they have no idea what IC is and just need to get a general idea of what things we go through.
    I hope that you get awarded. I was awarded as of April 6th and am waiting on my second check to arrive next week.


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  • marshmel
    started a topic question about spin from private insurance

    question about spin from private insurance

    Had my call with the private insurance company and they asked me a number of questions like if I had my urine cultured, if I had freq. and urg.,hormonal inbalances, but the question that I didn't understand was if I had any spinal abnormalities? What was that questions for? what does my spin have to do with it? Yes I understand most of all the questions about my education, auto diseases, anti-boitic theropy but that one came out of left field; any thoughts?