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  • Thinking about applying for disability

    I'm 17 years old, I'll be 18 on July 6th. I am not able to work as of now, and even with the insane amount of money I got for graduation, I won't be able to pay for much on my own. I would like to start my freshman year in college this fall semester but my future isn't looking too bright.

    I was looking this up a few days ago, and I would be recognized as an "adult child" until I'm 22 or 23? Some random age like that, and they would go on what my parents have made, not me. (which is good because I've had three jobs and two of them lasted for about 3 hours!)

    Now, my question is, how do I START on this, and does everyone have to go before a judge? My father is also on disability and all kinds of other things for his back problems, so maybe that would help or not help, I don't know.

    Thanks if anyone answers!

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    Hi there,
    In order to get on ssdi you have to have worked enough quarters to pay into the system, and at 17, with minimal work time, it doesn't sound like you would qualify for that. You could apply for ssi , which is sort of the "welfare" version of ssdi (social security disability income) for people who haven't paid enough into the system to qualify for regular ssdi, but at least you'd be getting financial assistance due to your disabling situation where you can't work. Not sure how they'd factor your parents into the equation, if you're still living at home and being financially supported by them.

    Most people unfortunately with IC (particularly a younger person like you who they don't want to start paying $$ to), have to prove their cases and many do end up having to appeal 2-3 times and have their case heard by an administrative law judge. This can take awhile, sometimes a year or more. Be sure to start documenting your medical history NOW (all records, all tests, everthing), and talk to a Social Security attorney who can advise you for free on contingency. The don't get paid until you win. Naturally, no one wants to end up on disability, but sometimes there's just no choice in the matter with IC. Sorry to hear that at 17 you're already dealing with this, but hang in there and make sure to protect your rights and your future. Good luck to you! (btw, if I've said anything incorrect here about SSDI or SSI, I stand corrected beforehand. I'm sure many of you know lots more than I do about it.)