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    I have been receiving disability through my work (private policy) for one year. I have one year left, so I am going to apply for ss disability now. I have the paperwork, but have some questions before I send the paperwork in. I am going to see my uro 's partner June 2 about a TENS unit. Although the manufacturer says it is not to be used for pain, my uro says it helps for pain. Besides the constant burning, I have a lot of pelvic pain. Can SS tell me they won't consider me until I try the Tens unit? I was just in the hosptial 2 times in the last 6 weeks for asthma and I really have a ton of medical bills, so I don't know if I can afford to get the Tens unit. Any other advice about SS would be appreciated. I read this message board every day. THANKS---Carlin

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    The only thing that I can think if is that SS maybe thinks that you havent exhausted all of your efforts to get relief from IC - in their eyes...they will do anything to keep from paying out the bucks. Anyway, I have applied and got down on the initial and in the process of appealing. I have a TENS unit that I bought second hand. This is rare that you can find one but I find that it really does help my pain for the time that I have it on and the minute I take it off I am right back to where I was at but I think it does give me some relief. The pads for the things cost a fortune, I am going to look at Yahoo or Ebay - one of the online auction places to see if I can find them cheaper. Anyway, I was lucky, I only paid 10.00 for mine second hand. I have see where people have advertised them for sale in classified, etc. so you might check around or might even be able to get one on the internet somewhere from auction. You arent supposed to be able to buy them without a doctors prescription. Make sure if you do get one that you go into the doctors office and have them show you how to use it. It isnt difficult at all but you have to take precautions with them. Do you think that you could send me a copy of the letter that Jill wrote? I could really use it in my appeal stuff. My email is [email protected] Thank you. Susan


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      My aunt is a diability lawyer and from what she said SS can not request that you do anything. They have to review whatever information you send them. Of course the worse you are and the more treatments you have tried the better your chance of getting accepted. Is your doctor backing you up, she said it's always better if a doctor is helping you. Also, she said if you get turned down the first time that is not unusal, many people get turned down the first time. Basically she said the better your case looks the better your chances are. If there is anything else i can help you with please pm me.