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    Hello everyone, I hope you can help.. Ive been fighting for about 2 years to get my SSI. I just moved from Washington state to Illinois, I had my file transfered to Illinois. Im at the point of having my hearing very soon. I also had to appoint another attorney-due to the fact of the move.. The problem being--my hearing is going to be in Champaigne Illinois.. I have hired an attorney-after calling and speaking to ones all over the state. I finally found someone, the closest one about an hour away.. All the attorneys warned me that there is only two judges one being a male-whos kind of weird, and then a woman Welsh, all of the attorneys warned me of Welsh--saying shes literraly a mental case.. They really feel she has mental problems. The attorney I hired also said that by law there suppose to rotate their judges in each state. But for some reason in Champaigne there not doing this?? Making it even worse for my case.. Well I just found out she is my judge--my attorney emailed me to let me know due to her-my chances are remote.. I just cant believe this. I am on opiate pain meds for over 2 years, I cant drive, I have an in home care provider provided by through the state. I have so many records from Washington state-saying im fully disabled.. But just because a pycho judge, im going to be denied. He did say that he had another woman with IC-similar to my case that he took in front of her and was denied, he did appeal to Virgina office of Appeals-and they sent the case back to judge saying she was wrong.. and to reevaluate her decision well, he said that was 3 years ago-and shes still screwing with this poor womans case.. I cant afford to wait 3 more years.. I had full medical through Washington state and was fine. But here in Illinois the state medical system is insane. They run things so backwards. Due to the fact my husband works, I have a 2,000 spenddown a month. which easily just with scripts it adds up to. But i have to pay it first and prove it. Before im allowed a medicaid card covering benefits for the next calendar month. My hubby doesnt even take home that monthly. Its either support our family-kids and food in house-or buy my scripts. Everytime i turn around the state office is messing me over-losing my file, my things i turn in, I have even contacted state representative office, and the attorney general--and having them help me, due to all the screw ups.. But still, every time I turn around they are screwing up. There is no other office I can transfer too. I even have ended up having the Supervisor deal with my case=due to the idiot caseworker.. I just dont understand, how people who are disable make it here?? And now if i get denied for SSI.. Im in more trouble. At least with Medicare-it would help-for medical expenses-and my spenddown would be lowered immensely they said. But cant get that until SSI is approved. In Washington they have a disability program you go on-until your SSI is approved. They even have an SSI facilitator who helps walk you through the steps of getting you on SSI.. BUt it doesnt exist here in Illinois. Its been a nightmare since I came here. My hubbys work insurance isnt going to cover me due to Pre-existing conditions for one year.... What am I to do? When the Illinois State Attorney Generals office-is saying the system is screwed-and the State Representatives office says the same, where do you go?? I dont have the right to ask for a new judge. I cant afford to move, it cost thousands just to move here-that we saved forever for. Im suppose to have surgery coming up-for either a neuro-stimulator-or a pain pump.. But the docs arent going to do it without prior approval from insurance, and with the state-giving me a card every other month or less. I dont know what to do? Just my patches-for pain are over 500 dollars a month. Ive called every agency to help with paying-and there isnt any. Due to the type of medications they are that im on, not including the cost. I even contacted the pharmecuticals companies-alot of them have a patient assitant program-that you can apply for-but since im listed as being on medicaid--i cant get help. Even though i dont get a card monthly--due to spenddown. ITs crazy, im lost and confused, and was counting on the SSI.. I wish now i would never have moved, at least i would had a chance in Washington to get the SSI... I have none here, I also did send the link for the new regulations passes for SSI-to my attorneys.. Is this really going to help us???? I know when i was going through the reconsideration phase, the man who processed it told me that i was denied due to the fact there wasnt guidelines for IC and other autoimmune conditions i suffer from. HE even told me to take it in front of a judge--that they didnt have same strict guidelines, he worked with me for six months getting every record possible turned in before the denial-and me filing for appeal to judge.. Im so lost==theres just no winning, how do i fight a pychotic judge??? He said=my attorney there trying to get her removed but since shes a judge-that basically shes got that job for life.. ITs such B&gt;S&gt; ughhhhhhh And if its true their to rotate them, so they dont get burned out-or whatever, how do i make that happen??? Or can you??? Please if anyone knows-email me [email protected] Thanks for listening... Kaye <img src="graemlins/banghead.gif" border="0" alt="[banghead]" /> <img src="graemlins/banghead.gif" border="0" alt="[banghead]" />

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    This is going to be HARD but you've got to let go of this. Your attorney doesn't know what's going to happen in YOUR case. He doesn't have a crystal ball. In the last 7 years I've been completely amazed at the amount of women who are actually willing to help other women. There have been so many times that I'm stuck in a parking lot, with something that needs to go in my car and it's almost always a woman who will stop to help me. So PLEASE don't let your attorney get you too upset. HE doesn't know what's going to happen in YOUR case.

    tons and tons of gentle hugs~
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      There is no such thing as you cannot pick a judge.That is whining. In the law community ,I learned that it is all about influence. There is nothing impossible under the sun when lawyers work their influence on these idiotic system.there must be a way Kaye. Must be. You got to do a homework plan ,find out from organizations like the Rotary Club,Golf clubs & Fraternities,Chamber of Commerce. It sounds to me that you have a whining lawyer,fire him,& get another one.Shop around. do not go to those legal aid crod ,they are practicing on your case or they just intersted to get their own credits for them to renew their license.Get one that is reputable. Give them your case & ask them if they'll take without fee,only if you win.Only those 2 things ,don't waste your time.If you find one that has the b...s to take your case without dropping a dime,that is the one who is confident enough that can make it happen for you.Give the most imporatant only part of your doctors records & ask the qquestion if he/she will take it. Yes or No. And out,next....

      I apologize to sound very dictatorial but I am only giving you the reality of the system wherever you go.They are all the same. Lawyers hears these problems all the time & they lost their sensitivity to it. So do as we. Don't panic! Easy said than done but it can be done. Do your homework or ask someone to help research the area for a good disability lawyer. Some judges have a cut on every case they approved with the lawyer so you got to find that lawyer.You won't find them in the yellow pagess so & so is a disability lawyer that has influence on the Administrative Judge,networking is the only way to find them. Try those org I mentioned above. I have dealt with the system not just the SSA but from district court all the way to the Supreme Court in my State,for the last 10 years they are all crooks,I mean ALL. Gotta to learn the lingo...
      Legislators ,AG ,wrong idea, you are dancing against the music.Legislative & Judicairy are adversaries as well as AG, you are creating fire.Lawyers is your to find out, who is the closest to the stove will get the grease.



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        The vast majority of attorneys are honest, helpful people --- and most do not collect unless they are successful in getting your benefits approved.

        And --- Legal Aid attorneys are practicing attorneys, who donate their time to people who otherwise could not afford an attorney. I have a great deal of admiration for them. Some of the best known attorneys in our community help in this capacity.

        I do hope you are successful in your quest for disability payments.

        Warm hugs,
        Stay safe

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          Thank you all so much for your responses.. I have sent the information off the web site to my attorney, regarding the new SSI regulations.. The attorney I have is highly recommended, he isnt a legal aide attorney. He doesnt collect fees unless I do. I met with quite a few attorneys face to face, and spoke with many more via phone, before hiring the one I have.. Hes very assertive, and upfront. Hes not the only one whos told me about this judge. They all have. Not one of them didnt mention the same facts.. Id rather be warned before hand, it just seems that there should be something I can do. Either to change my judge, or something? I really need this-and cannot afford to wait anymore time. The attorney I do have met with me for hours-reviewing every piece of detail for my case--He wouldnt even take the case without seeing file-and talking with physicians beforehand. Obviously they dont want to take a case that they arent going to make money. He mostly does cases for people who are in nursing homes--sueing for abuse etc. He use to do all SSI cases. He said he still does a few, that he doesnt want to stop, due to cases like mine. where I should have been approved and the systems passing me by. He really is on my side-even if its just for his financial gain. My concern is this judge-and the statues of rotating, and her mental status... Thank you again for your ideas... Take care everyone, ill keep you updated... Kaye <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" /> [img]confused.gif[/img]