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    well I am a member of the denial for social security club. get this the letter says I can't do my job but could work in a enviroment that had less stress and free access to a bathroom. excuse me where does that job exist ? heaven??? I am appealing thank god I have long term disability and they will pay if social security doesn't and will fight for me. I needed to share this insanity with you all.
    take care :cool:

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    If it's any comfort to you, nearly everyone is denied first time around.

    Stay safe

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      Did you have to go to any of the disability doctors & if so how many. Also did you apply for SSD or SSI. I have applied for SSI & have seen their regular medical doctor & just got notice that I have to see their Psychiatrist. I was told that it is good that I wasn't denied after seeing their regular medical doctor.


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        Before seeing the shrink, make sure you omit ALL meds several days before. My oldest son suggested that. He told me to make sure they saw the real me without any of my crutches. Also do not drive yourself to your appointment.

        When I saw the shrink after the 2nd turn down, I was in agony and in tears. They were all real, too--none of the helpful meds that make us a little more civilized. At the time, I hurt so from pain that I could not even sit in a chair. My youngest son and the shrink literally had to carry me out to the car. To this day, what I said is a blur.

        Oldest son's advice was some of the best I have ever had. He was right: "Let it all hang out!" SS interviews are not the time to be organized, calm, and pain free. I believe my youngest son dumped all the daily diaries (that my family had kept) on the shrink's desk. Documentation is important, but it doesn't have to be documentation that you personally have kept--that would show too much ability to organize.


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          no I did not have to see a shrink I already have one and apparently they took his word that I am nuts I am appealing and who knows what will happen next it seem like there is always something to battle with this disease.


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            I was turned down for SS twice. After the second turn down I hired an attorney (who got 25% I think), and I wrote a formal letter requesting an administrative law hearing. I did not have to go to the hearing; when the judge read my case briefs and the tons of accompanying material, he decided in my favor.

            Sometimes the more education you have the harder it is to get a favorable SS ruling. My cousin told me that, and he does some SS work. In fact, he helped me find an attorney in my own state and warned me about the problems that can occur with people who have college degrees.


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              Hi I got a pile of paperwork today from social security to fill out for the reconsideration. I really need to think about a attorney.


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                When you check out an attorney, ask for their win/loss ratio on SS appeals.


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                  I was very lucky in that I got SSDI the first time I applied and I live in Vermont, like you Annette. I think it was because I was seeing a Voc. Rehab counselor, a psychotherapist, and had two doctors who all wrote good letters when I applied. I had also lost two jobs due to my health problems.The more you can use to build up your case the better.


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                    an attorney is required to get to the trial stage, to go in front of the judge. It doesnt cost you anything for the attorney unless you win. Check their stats as someone else said *success to failure* and SS has to approve your attorney PRIOR to you doing your appeal. You only have 60 days *if this is your 2nd denial letter* to get your attorney and appeals paperwork done. SS will either tell you "yes your attorney is favorable" or "no ..find another one". Either way, they dont get any money unless you win your case, which is usually 25% if I can remember correctly. And dont forget: IF YOU HAVE UNDERAGED need to apply SEPERATELY for them to receive benefits under your disability. The same lawyer can handle that aspect of it, but you need to fill out different paperwork for your kids. I think, when it was all said and done, my attorney ended up getting about $4500.00 total. but I got back pay for over a that helped. But if you dont win, they get no money.

                    Good luck! I'm up for my 3 year review in December of this year. Scared to death..but hoping I get renewed.



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                      hello thanks so much for all the advise I am really dreading all this darn paperwork....I am dragging my feet. I guess its time to get off my duff and get to it.
                      thanks again


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                        annette~I know how hard doing all of that paper work was, and not only was I sicker than a dog, I am also the most unorganized person that I know. So YES, it was very very hard. Especially when they ask the exact same question using different words over and over again. So, I made it my 'mission'....I was going to win no matter what. And, I was going to fight it without an attorney because I felt that there was no way that an attorney could relay to a judge how bad I felt....I did have alot of support with family members filling out paper work for me explaining what I was and wasn't able to do and I did have my dr's on my side. I wrote to each of them and told them what I was like before the pain of the IC took control of my life and what I was like now.

                        It was sooooooooooooo hard to go thru the hoops, but we have to remember. THEY DON'T WANT TO PAY so we have got to beat them at their own game.

                        My sister has an excellent attorney. Her son has CF and she has been waiting for a hearing before the Judge since April....SS only has 90 days to reply to these appeals and if she didn't have an attorney, she could be lighting fires where they need to be lit.

                        One of the gals who used to post has many many different illness and she went thru the entire process herself...stating the same thing. NO one on this earth was going to beable to describe the pain she lived with every day of her life except her.

                        I live in Michigan and our attornies get 25%. Plus they won't take your case until after you have been denied 3 times so you are talking about alot of money. They aren't dumbies, they want in when they know that their fee is going to be a big one.....

                        It emotionally drained me but if I made it, if I was able to get that paper work together and all of my medical records and stay on top of all of my dr's, anyone can....'lazy' is my middle name

                        wishing you the VERY BEST
                        Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".