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Need Advise on Disability !!!!!!!!

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  • Need Advise on Disability !!!!!!!!

    I'm now in the position of not being able to work anymore. I've done research on their web site,, and have called the 800 # to ask basic questions. It's hard to read some of the stuff as I'm in a lot of pain and my symptoms are totally out of control.
    I'm getting my paperwork together for my appt with SS on 6/26/03. by phone. Is any one did interview by phone. Pls. Let me know. What type of question they are going to ask me.

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    The phone interview went very well for me. I got a super nice lady who took all the time I needed. She asked general questions about my health. My work history. What things I use to beable to do and what I can do now. What things have changed in my social life (that was a biggy) and she explained about the paper work and told me that if I had any questions or needed any help to call and someone would help me.

    When you get your papers, ask ALL of your dr's for your records, make copies, send them WITH you application form. Don't rely on SS to do it, don't rely on your dr's to do it. You need to ask your dr for the records and personally go pick them up. I know it's hard. Especially when you are in so much pain but you have to be responsible for covering all of your problems...don't rely on SS or you dr's. This will save you alot of time and grief down the road. KEEP copies of EVERYTHING that you send to SS. They are good a 'loosing' things. I made a file and kept everything together.

    For me, the thing that bothered me the most was them asking the same question 8 different ways banghead banghead I finally started putting down "see answer to question #9" instead of repeating myself over and over.....I'm sick, not dumb and it really bothered me that they did this.

    I also got a book from the ICA and it was VERY helpful. Make this a mission....that's what I did. And, it helped.

    Wishing you the VERY BEST~
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      Hello Teri,

      Thanks for all the inf.


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        One important thing that Teri said and I found out the hard way to be true is to make sure that you go to each of your doctors offices and have them copy your records and give them to you. You need to have them in hand to send to your SS office. I ASSUMED that all of my medical record requests would be mailed to the doctors that I had listed in my disability paperwork but it was NOT. After I got turned down on my first try I reviewed my SS file and found 10 unmailed medical release forms in it. I used this as a basis for my appeal, that and other discrepancies that I found in my file. Hand deliver your paperwork to SS OR mail them certified return receipt so that they have to sign for your package and you will get a return card with the employees signature and date received. Keep this in your files. I applied in February, got turned down the first time and then appealed. I hae not heard anything yet, even as to who my caseworker will be. I am not sure how long this takes, I only know that on the appeal your case will be handled by a different case worker and reviewed by a different doctor than before. I purchased Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability, 2nd edition - from this site and I found it VERY helpful. I suggest that you purchase it. It made me think about alot of things that I wouldnt normally have thought about and things that I needed to do or not do. My best to you. Susan


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          Hi skershner3 & Teri,
          yes, i got all my doctor's records yesturday. yes i am in a same track thanks to you guys help. hopefully everything go fine in phone interview. I may buy Nolo's Guide thru this site. i am going to update soon as i heard anything.