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  • what about remission

    Hello, i was wondering when you get on social security what happens when you go into remission and are then able to work. Can you and would you have to pay the social security back? thanks Bobbi [img]biggrin.gif[/img]
    Bobbi jo

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    They do have a window of time in which you can try working with out it closing your case. You would have to call your SS office to find out exactly how it works. Lots of even MORE paper work involved but it can be done.

    wishing you the very best~
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      According the SS booklet that you received in the mail when you received your notice of award, it states, You should tell us if you take a job or become self-employed no matter how little you earn. If your are still disabled, you will be eligible for a trial work period and can continue receiving benefits for up to nine months. A “trial work” month is any month, which you can earn over $560 in gross wages…. If at the end of a nine-month trial work, if we decide if you are able to do substantial work, if you can, you benefits will stop after a three-month adjustment period. If you are not able to work, your payments will continue.

      You can find all the information you need about disability benefits at the SS website located at

      To help you along, here is the online booklet for working with disabilities.
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        Yes there is a trial work period and I do believe for the first 9 months you can earn any amount of income then the last 3 months weans you back into work, you can keep your medicare for several years now. If you choose to work and stay on SSD longer the amount that can be earned has increased to $760 or $780 per month along with your SSD check as of 2002. You are on SSD? cause SSI works different. Then I believe you have a 36 month window if you earn under the $760 or $780 best to be earning less. There also are deductions in some cases for medical expenses. If in a 5 year period you need to go back on SSD you don't need to reapply. Check out has all the info, also booklets at your local office. Good Luck <img src="graemlins/hi.gif" border="0" alt="[hi]" />

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