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Sorry, more questions about my medical records

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  • Sorry, more questions about my medical records

    I have my first interview with SS next week 11/27. When I am up all hours of the night in pain not able to sleep I start thinking about stuff. I'm worried about my medical documentation as far as IC is concerned. I was initially diagnosed in 1989 and have documentation from that DR. Over the years I still had my IC problems but had no insurance and just kinda "got by" with what I could as far as treatment.(I babysat for a Dr for several years and he would give me samples or get meds for me "off the record". Well about 3 years ago when I got insurance I was able to go to the DR but I was seeing a gyno because of the female problems I was having. I expressed to them the bladder pain I had and that I had a diagnosis of IC several years earlier. They did a laparoscopy (2 times in less than 3yrs) and found endometriosis everywhere including all over my bladder. They kept insisting that my pain was from the endo on my bladder not the IC. I kept disagreeing with them until I finally got my gyno to refer me to a "IC specilaist". I am worried about having enough IC documentation. I have alot of records from 2 different gynos listing chief complaint bladder problems and listing IC in my medical history. But will they look at it as endo problems and not IC? I'm just worried about documentation. Is my urologist writing a letter on my behalf enough? I'm really lost as I have no experience in all of this. Also someone told me that I haven't been out of work long enough. I last worked in July. I have been offered a fulltime position in a Dr's office (starting 12/03/02) Should I go ahead and try to work this job? I don't think I'll be able to do it especially without proper pain control(that's a whole different story). Is it going to help me or hurt me to try and work? Please Please Help!!! I don't know the "right" way to go about this. I have to try to do something or we are going to lose everything very soon.

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    Hi Amy:

    I can answer at least one question for've been out of work long enough. In order to apply for disability you just need to have a disability which WILL prevent you from working for a year or more; you do not actually have to have not worked for a year or anything. Hope this helps.

    By the way, to me, it sounds like you've got a pretty good chance of getting disability with the exisiting documentation you have right now (at least to me). Finally, a bit of advice, when you fill out your application, make sure to note if you have any other coexisting conditions (like fibro or depression) as it makes getting disability easier.

    Best of luck!


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      I supplied all doctors I saw in regards to female/bladder trouble. It wasn't until recently that I found the IC doc, so I only had one to supply. It took me awhile to be diagnosed, so I explained why there were so many doctors listed.