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  • what are the qualifications

    Hello i was just wondering how they consider you possible for ss. i am only 20 years old but its very hard for me to work. i was a waitress and had to quit because i had to go to the bathroom every 15 min and that wasn't possible with my tables. And i would be in pain all day. I am currently on elmiron 3pills 3 times a day, pyridium,detrol,prozac,xanex,midrin,trazodone,microbid,microdatin, and birth control. so i was just wondering. thanks Bobbi Jo
    Bobbi jo

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    bobbi~the only way to get the answers you need is to call your local SS office. Just a phone call and they will tell you anything that you need to know.

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      bobby jo

      i am thirty years old and just got accepted for ss. i didnt think that i would qualify, but my drs said file and we will do everything we can to help you get it. But like teri said you will have to call your ss office and just start asking questions. if you are not working and cant that has a lot to do with it.



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        I received my ss but the judge did not list it under IC because he said it is not a ss diagnosis yet. He granted me ss because of my pain. He listed me as a chronic pain patient. The #1 question he asked was "Does your medicine make you drowsy" Watch for things like that. I have so much pain meds that the judge said that I couldn't hold a normal job being in pain all the time. My advice is to talk to an attorney who specializes in ss benefits. [img]smile.gif[/img]