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  • SSDI Denial

    Hi guys,you have company.I received my letter on Sat.
    They had sent me to get a phyc.eval.
    Went to see him--my appointment was all of 15 minutes long and he did not want to know about my medical problems(which goes hand in hand)which is why we get depressed.
    He said the Paxil was working minamal but in 12 months I should be fine.
    What is he a mind reader(he doesn't know me and how I feel)
    I wanted to ask??Has anyone had an attorney?
    And did they take a percentage from each check if I win?Or is it 2/3 of the first check which will be retroactive?
    Thank you for your help,delores

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    I know that even tho you pretty much know you will be denied, it's still hard when you actually get that letter.
    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((more hugs))))))))))))))))))))))
    OK, now on to the next step. Go file for that reconsideration.
    My physical evaluation went exactly like yours. 15 minutes, a push on the belly....
    He didn't want to know about your medical problems?? What did he say? Don't worry too much about that visit, it's only a small part of your file, and you Can prove that what he said is not right. Get a copy of the report he writes.

    I went to hire an attorney, with my huge pile of information and the attorney decided not to take my case because he thought it would be a 50/50 chance. So I proceeded on without. (Go to your social security office and ask to see your file. Read all the reports and notes they've written and you'll be better prepared in providing info for them.) (BTW, I called the attorney back after I won and told him the name of the judge - he said he really wouldn't have taken the case if he'd known that cuz he was a tough judge. To me, in there by myself, with their vocational specialist also, he was very compassionate and interested in what I had to say. He asked questions that were thoughtful... I burst into tears when he said he found me totally disabled. All in all it was a great wxperience for me.)
    The attorney takes 1/3 out of the first check you get. As yes it will be a retroactive check.
    For some people that will be worth the trouble of the phone calls and the research, for others seeing for yourself and making sure everything is there that you need may be all you need.

    ((((((((((((I miss talking with you.))))))))))
    I'll help you with this all I can.
    ~IC Patients UNITING in the Cause for a Cure!~

    ~*~Wishing you many moments of peace~*~

    "I am only one, but I am one. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do."
    ~Everett Hale