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  • Review Your File At SS Before Appeal

    I have been getting my appeal information together. Finally got through the SS Disability Book that I got from this site and it was soo helpful. I urge you to buy it if you are applying or appealing your claim. Anyway, one of the most helpful things that I learned is that you do have a right and access to your case file at your local Social Security Office. The weird thing is that I had to have a note stating that my husband was my designated representative. In other words he has access to my file but not me. Anyway, I got the authorization signed and both my husband and I went to the SS Office. Of course my case worker knew that my husband would just turn everything over to me once he looked at it so she let me review it. I looked at all of the forms that DDS filled out themselves over my claim and any notes that they had made in my medical records when they reviewed my case AND I found there were 10 medical release forms in my case file that were NOT sent out to the physicians. That is the main basis for my appeal. I suspected this and was lied to by the DDS case worker and this just proved what I had said in my appeal. She sent three medical releases out and one of them was for a psych exam that they set up. The doctor even stated that my doctors letter of disability he felt was over exagerated by my doctor and there wasnt medical evidence in my chart to establish the evidence. I came sooo close though. My urologist was supposed to write a letter and he had not - miscommunication. I called my DDS case worker and she said that it was received, another basis for my appeal. Anyway, I have now in my own hands the letter where my urologist said that I am totally disabled from IC. If I would have had that the first time around I think I would have gotten it. By all means if you have been turned down go look at your chart. There is all kinds of notations and useful information that you can use in your appeal. My case worker at SS copied for free anything that I wanted. They can charge you for these records though. I have gone to each of my doctors and have their records in hand to mail to DDS. That was another mistake that I made - thinking that they would mail the medical releases out and they didnt. Get your own records and mail them yourself, dont assume that the DDS office will do it. They are too cheap to shuck out the 11.00 per doctor for the records. Anyway, I have to get the last visit records from my primary care doctor, urologist and cardiologist and then I am ready to go. Keep this in mind when appealing. If we all stick together and share tips and info to others then it will increase our chances of getting approved. Make the trip to the SS office. It is worth is. Also, I wrote a big long personal letter to go with my appeal because my denial said that my IC had not caused me any serious complications...can you believe that. I wish they would have to go through what we do for a day and see what it is like. The painful sex would probably be enough for them. That was nasty wasnt it - but true. Want pizza??? Sorry cant have it....I mentioned in my letter and also noted that if my case reviewer didnt know what IC is and the complications from it to stop and read and get acquainted with this incurable, debilitating disease. We deserve our cases to be reviewed by someone that is competent and knowledgeable. There is also a sample letter in the disability book that you can write demanding that your case be reviewed by a medical doctor and someone that isnt "denial oriented." I am uncertain as to whether to use this letter or not. To me it sounded a little harsh - it had some good points but if I were on the receiving end of the letter I would be very mad so I dont know whether to use it or not. I may make some revisions and use it. Anyway, keep these things in mind. Definately go to your SS office and review your case file. It is definately worth the trip. They dont expect you to look at it I am sure. Susan

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    Thank you so much for your very helpful tips regarding SSD and the required documentation. I'm about to apply for benefits myself and this is terrific inside information.>Tina
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