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geesh!!!!! Disability DENIED in less than 2 months!!!!

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  • geesh!!!!! Disability DENIED in less than 2 months!!!!

    I just got my denial letter--it's only been 2 months since I applied. I wonder if it means anything that I was denied so quickly? It might be because I am doing a little bit of work at home. I'm doing freelance at home--just about 3-4 hours a week. I have to lay on my stomach, because it is very painful for me to sit. They didn't mention in their denial that I have to lay down to work. Plus it's not just about sitting--I'm in pain, I don't get enough sleep, etc., blah, blah, blah--apparently they didn't care.

    Maybe I should stop doing the freelance work??

    There were a few things that I didn't do because I just had to leave town suddenly for 2 weeks because my brother is very sick. I didn't have time to xerox my pain diary and mail it. I didn't have time to write a personal letter. And didn't send the IC Listing. And didn't write my congressperson.

    So tomorrow I will call a lawyer and hope that he actually does something. My experience with lawyers in the past is that they never actually DO anything, they just want to collect as many clients as they can to make money even though they don't have time to do any work.

    I live in Michigan. I am single and am rapidly running out of money---AAgh!! I actually went to the Family Independence Agency today (to apply for food stamps, etc.).

    Thanks for listening.

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    I also just received my denial after only 2 months and it is irritating. I have contacted an attorney, my senators, and congresswoman. I want answers, as to why I did not recieve any evaluation from disability to determine this NO. There is nothing on the criteria that I do not meet yet they send a denial. I have decided to havea disability attorney handle the appeal so I don't run my big mouth to much.



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      Prayers for your brother Naturetree. I got so angry about ssi that i forgot to add that sorry.


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        I also got a letter quickly saying i was turned down. At first my doctor wasn't behind me. Even tho he told me he didnt think i could do alot of work. banghead i got a lawyer and when i got him everything changed. I still had to wait but at least i didnt get turned down again. I wish you the best of luck! and i will pray for you and your brother!
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          Hi and I am sorry that you got turned down for disability. I have a friend who has fibromyalgia and has tried to get disability also, she is having a tough time getting approved. I would be happy to say a prayer for your brother in Florida, hope it helps a little. Take care and good luck with trying again for disability, hugs Iris hi grouphug
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            Very few people are approved on their first try so don't get discouraged.

            I sometimes wonder if they don't just routinely deny first applications since many people just give up and think they don't qualify after being denied --- and it saves them money.

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              I am so sorry that you were denied. I hope all goes well when you appeal!

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                So sorry you got denied. But the time line might be a good thing...perhaps the appeals could go sooner?

                Be careful with the attorney. Sometimes they take a pretty hefty chunk of your first check...the one with all the back money could run in the 1000's of $'s. Others have done well with a lawyer, but some lawyers still make you do all the paperwork yet still get the fee.

                Hang in there. You'll get it, I'm sure. Oh, and you can make up to $740 a month, that is AFTER meds, etc. are deducted, before SS considers the earnings substantial enough to start counting the months.

                After 9 months of substantial (more than 740) income, which can be spaced out over years (I think 5 yrs., 60 months)...example, working one month, off 14 months, working 5 months off 23 months, etc.....then they shut off the SS disability.

                hi Don't know how many folks know that they still can have an income while on disability. Something to think about. Many of us want and need to get out and contribute, so SS does consider that.

                Good luck, I know you'll be able to get SS soon.
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                  Sorry to hear you were turned down I also got my denial letter today Feeling really low right now this was my second now its time for the LawJudge review.
                  My thoughts are with you!
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                    Dont give up on ssd, thats what they want you to do so they do not have to pay.. I have been on ssd for 2 years and was approved the first try. I did do my homework and done lots of research. I added lots of lit. about IC and attached it to my application, to include the artical that stated the ICA and Disability had ametting to make IC and actual disability, as which it is now. My doctors were behind me 100% and thats a plus I wish you all the luck in the world
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                      I am so sorry that all of you got denied. I too got denied on my first try but won on the appeal. I bought the Nolo's Guide to SS Disability from this site and it was so helpful. Without it I dont think that I would have wont the second time around. From that book I also learned that I could review my case file at the Social Security Office. If you have an attorney he can view the file and if you dont you can make your husband, sister, anybody your representative, write out on paper that you are appointing "so & so" as your representative and give it to your case worker and tell them that you want to review your file. When you look at the file you will have the opportunity to see what areas they highlighted, notes that they made about your case, etc. By seeing all of this - I based my appeal on that information alone. There were 10 unmailed medical release forms for my doctors that were never mailed out for medical records. That was a biggie. I urge anyone that has gotten denied to review your case file at the SS office. You will have the information that you need for your review and you wont believe the things that they "assume, dream up or god knows where it came from." That - and buy the book. It is well worth the 35.00. Susan


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                        I got my denial letter too. I go to my Uro & show him my denial letter. My uro is helping me a lot. thank god i got good uro in our town. he wrote a big letter to SSA for me. that was so nice of him. he wrote every thing i go tru till now. talk to your Uro to wrote a letter for you & mail it too SSA.


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                          natruetree im from grandrapids mi this is my lawyer name and number who helped me win my case u might want 2 use tham they due a through job if u lose they dont charge so they r out 2 win i won mine on the second try with the lawyer (disability benefits corporation they r in south field mi phone number is 18007721213 good luckyand i will be praying 4 u


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                            I am sorry to hear that you were denied. I got my disability the first time. I had contacted my doctor and had taken a lot of papers on the disease and all the other conditions that go along with IC. I think they do not know enough about this disease, therefore it is good to take all the information along with you and they can check up on it themselves and then see how it is a disability issue. Please don't give up, I did not have a lawyer, guess I was just one of the lucky ones that got it first try. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Good Luck to you. grouphug


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                              That's good that you got your denial so soon (at least it was for me) The state gives the SS offices 90 days between approvals and denials so when I got mine so soon I knew that my case worker would have the results of my appeal just as quick and as denial was and I was right
                              Don't let it stop you! You keep on trying, if you need to hire a lawyer then hire one. I did mine on my own. I knew that a lawyer could have more research papers than I already had. That firs check was huge and I felt like a kid in a candy store!!!!! We put all of it in the bank except my bedroom furniture. In my 50 years I'd never had my own furniture and now I do for me that was the biggest thrill blink blink
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