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    Today did not start out so well as many have read my posting earlier The Mirror (I cant believe I wrote that, just sort of poured out and its how my day began and I'm sorry if I upset anyone, I just write when I have to get things out and the words just seem to come from nowhere and everywhere, but other than my son being my little silver cloud lining this morning, I received other news this afternoon late.

    I have to tell TERI:

    I GOT MY RENEWAL FOR SSD TODAY!!! FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT!! After almost 90 days of the renewal process...I got my letter today. Had to call the main SS office in Baltimore and ask HOW long was I renewed for - lady told me through 2005 - 3 more years!!! FINALLY something that I wont have to worry about for right now......thank God I can stay where I am living for the moment. Teri I know you got your paperwork in April - I got mine in February - so you should be getting yours soon.

    PAMMY - DONT GIVE UP - you TOLD me I'd get terrified as I was because of the comment the lady made about my age (being so young) - but you stood by its MY turn....FIGHT FOR IT WITH ALL YOU HAVE!! I will help you with whatever you need, papers, lit, anything you need. You are my mountain...thanks honey.

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    Deb~you've got so much going on in your life right now. You will never know how much I appreciate you taking the time to keep us up on this b.s. part of the SS review. Actually, you will never appreciate how much strength you have given me in sooooooooooo many of my fights to make it thru another day....not sending you 'mush', sending you simple facts my friend. More proof that God puts the exact people in our lives exactly when we need them.
    Seems like you have returned to the boards just when I needed so much of your self-less help again.....

    from the heart my Friend~
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      You could turn those words right around and put them from ME to YOU as well my friend. On those dark and desparate days (and you know which ones I'm talking about) who pulled me through those? YOU did. So I have to thank you as well - we begain this journey together and we'll end it together. You are a very big force and strength in so many lives out here on this board - not just for me, but for so many others that dont know you like I know you, like others know you out here that have been here for a while. And some may never get to know you the way I and certain others know you. But YOU Teri are a mountain of strength for not only me, but so many others.

      As Pam so desparately tried to convince me (See, Pam hasnt been approved yet for SSD, she's STILL going through the final process - applied in 1999 and STILL no court date), so just as she has assured me (through ALL my doubt and I still didnt think it would be renewed based on not my medical records, they speak for themselves, but on the ignorance of ONE PERSON - thats all it takes - ONE PERSON saying to me "You are awfully young to STILL be disabled, we'll have to review this case closley" (remember, I was 27 when I went out originally). But Pam stood by me, just as you have before I met Pam, and just as you STILL DO, as always my friend. I am beside you in this renewal and if I got renewed, YOU will get your paper. And its crazy Teri - just a simple PRETYPED paper with your name typed in by someone at the top - there are 6 blocks that ONE is supposed to be checked off - stating why or how or how long they approved. I FREAKED - NO BOXES were checked! [img]eek.gif[/img] I was on the phone with Pam as a matter of fact and started crying, not knowing what in the WORLD I was reading. It said at the top "renewed" but please see reasons/dates why below in the box checked. Uh...NO BOX THERE CHECKED....I panicked, called SS and spoke with *after 30 mins on hold* someone and told them NO BOX IS CHECKED what does that mean?? She said "I'll pull your file".....and told me 2005 is my NEXT review....whew! And Pam called me RIGHT back *deb laughs now*...WHAT WHAT?? she says....*meaning Pam in her RI accent* LOL!

      So....Teri, my friend of the past many years now?? 3? 4? - my brains fried [img]tongue.gif[/img] You will get that renewal soon as well...ask Pam *laughs*...I think she has a 3rd eye for everyone but herself sometimes. But seriously Teri...YOU make a difference in SO many lives you do not even realize it - you made a difference in MINE - you saved it when I thought it wasnt worth living my friend. YOU are always there...and always will be. Not to many people hold special places in my heart - I can count (other than family) - 5, thats it. Remember that okay?

      Tons of hugs and love



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        I'm so happy for you! What a relief it must be!

        I may be applying for SSD with in the next few months. I'm sure I will have questions. I'm glad I have someone to talk to about it.

        Thank You!

        "Never take, I don't know how to help you as an answer."

        [email protected]



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          Thanks Kara,

          I posted to you under your other posting, hope it helps somewhat. If you are going to or thinking of applying for SSD - make sure you have ALL your med records and all confirmed diagnoses. Also, you cannot be working in order to apply, which is REALLY hard, when I got sick and realized I couldnt work and was forced to give up my career in the Intelligence Field for the Gov't - I was out on advanced sick leave for 8 weeks - and could not apply because I technically "still had a job and was working". When reality hit home and I was forced to resign (long story...bad story) from the gov't due to my being disabled, we lost EVERYTHING we had, house, furnishings, we walked away with our daughters bedroom set and our clothing and 6 pieces of our most treasured furniture - the rest was sold off and we had to move back in w/my parents for over a year. It took 18 months and many tears to finally get in front of the Admin Judge (after 2 denials). But, if you are thinking of applying, you cannot be working/out on sick leave/Family Medical Leave (unless things have changed with SS) - you have to have a note from your doctors stating your condition will not improve and you will not be able to work. Also, if I remember correctly (and those that are now in the process of applying for SSD please jump in here as my process was back in 1997 when I first applied) - you cannot be working for 6 months before applying.

          Check with SS as far as disability also must have a certain number of work credits to qualify for SSD. You may qualify for SSI or another type of Social Security program, but you need to call. I will tell you this - its not fun being on disability - I was making in one paycheck what I bring home in a month in SSD and at the end of the year HALF of my SSD is taxed AGAIN. I'd MUCH rather be working and making the money I used to make and then some vs. getting disabilty, but the money helps in every aspect of my life and my childrens I'm grateful that I have that money because without it we'd be lost.

          Good luck but definately call SS and find out the rules - so much has changed since I applied and Teri applied back in 1997, and my best friend Pam applied in 1999 and is STILL awaiting a court date after 3 denials - takes a VERY LONG TIME and during the entire process (from first application to final say by the judge if you have to go that far, and most of us do) you cannot work at all, period. So many people think "Oh must be nice to get MY money I pay into taxes each year so YOU can stay home with your kids and not work" Wanna know something? The money I receive IS MY MONEY THAT I PAID IN SINCE I WAS 15 YEARS OLD - its not anyone elses money - its MY money, I worked all those years for that and I am entitled to it, no matter what anyone thinks.

          For me, it took 18 months to get final approval - 18 months of total and pure hell as anyone that is applying and going through SSD process now or has gone through before can tell you - ESPECIALLY being VERY young. I was 27 - they made me feel like I just "didnt want to work" - and they made me feel that way AGAIN while in the renewal process since February (being 32 now) - I told the lady as SS, I went out at 27 making over 40K a year - I dont think I would've given that up and everything I worked so hard for in my life for less than ONE paycheck when I was working now. But, again without it..I'd be lost...every little bit helps and counts.

          Good luck!