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  • Getting dropped

    I got my ssi this last spring and now they are dropping me cuz my hubby makes too much money. I am kinda confused of what to do. I had a person tell me I should seperate from my hubby and then they would cover me again. See, I haven't worked enough to get the disability from employment(which, as I understand doesn't count income) I had to get the other one( which I don't understand that either). Now I'll have to pay for visits to the dr and all that other stuff. I have to pay for some of my meds.( we do have insurance but, of course, its not that good. I have other medical problems and dental too. Man, if its not one thing, its another. Iam just taking it one day at a time( and It seems to come one day at a time)
    Has anyone heard of seperating from their mate so they can be covered? I really don't like that. I don't think I could do that either. Maybe I should try to find a full time job! Lanana

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    SSI and SSDI are two different programs you need to check into this.
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