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  • how do i start?

    Could someone please give me some advice on how to start the whole disability procedure?
    My uro said for my to check this site (which I have been a member for a while, and love u all)...and then follow through with the paper work. But I do not know where to begin. I am a registered nurse in Florida and have not worked in about 3 husband is about to lose his job and I need some help! I hope to hear from anyone that can help...thank you, Tina C

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    Hey Tina,

    I live in FL also and the waiting period here is ridiculous. The first step is to contact Social Security and make sure you have enough credits to be eligible for disability, after they determine that you will be scheduled for an appointment to apply at your nearest office or you can request a phone interview. Here is the link for the SSA. Good luck to you.



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      Thanks for the information. Did you file for disability? How did it work out for you? I left my job 3 years ago but did not leave on disability...i was hoping to return and never a matter of fact, i am problably still employed!
      Thanks, Tina C hi


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        Hey Tina

        Yes I filed and have been denied twice and now I have a hearing next week. I will be so glad to finally have closure on this or at least maybe know whether or not I will get it or not. It is a long drawn out process and they want you to give up, but dont! Good luck!


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          I made very sure I had an attorney with me at the administrative law hearing. I was denied twice prior to the administrative law hearing. This is one of the last chances before starting over with new evidence.

          Some people wait two and three years before getting an administrative law hearing. Mine hearing took 2 denials and another 18 months to get. We were successful at the administrative law hearing.

          I don't know how I would survive without the Medicare medical benefits, as I have been hospitalized a lot with my IC.


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            If you file your first claim while your husband still has a job, you should be able to draw against his quarters--should you not have enough. If he is working as of your first date of filing, you should be all right. That becomes the effective date when disability is finally granted.

            Have him work, even if it means flipping hamburgers. You really don't want him to miss consecutive quarters, because that impacts benefits. And that way he has enough quarters for you to draw against.

            You may be able to freeze your quarters if you have just left a job. I don't know if you are at a point where you can freeze your quarters.

            I just noted above that you have not been working, recently, so freezing your quarters is out of the question.


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              Thank you all for your responses.
              Liz, if I may ask you a question: what do you mean by "quarters"? My husband just found out that he will still be working and they are extending his contract until at least 2005....tina hi