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Help me, please... SSD and LTD problem....

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  • Help me, please... SSD and LTD problem....

    Long story. Fired from job while experience worst pain in my life. for months, thought, I was an idiot for not applying for LTD through company's plan. Found out: I had 12 mo. to report disability. IC is not the only disease I have. Had filed for SSDI earlier...but they had a problem...I'm alone and must pay the mortgage so I worked PT, but I have a Master's degree and the hourly rate put me over the limit. But I don't want to tell this employer I must reduce hours -- it will reveal my disability and commence the discrimination. Only been their just 10 months. Meanwhile, ex-employer refuses to cooperate and complete their section of the claim. Meanwhile, in my heart, I know I it's hightly unlikely I'll last long on a FT job. I've now been ask by SSA to complete "Work activity report form" which asks me to name my supervisor, and I think they will contact him! This particular job is nicer than most I've had; less demanding, rewarding, and a possibility I could handle FT (at a cost to other areas of my life, but they like my work, and if I make it to FT, I get great medical, and then, since I've worked for civil service before, a disability retirement will likely be possible sometime). But I have talked to: 1. The ICA, 2. Disabilities Advocacy prg. for my state, 3. Lawyers, one of whom claimed he liked "helping people" and then proceeded to talk at me for half an hour til I could feel myself getting sick. He then said, bitterly, "I'm done with you." and that I'm between a rock and a hard place. Thirdly, w/o some work, since I'm not married, I'd likely fall into such a bad depression, I'd stop eating, and they'd have to come take me away. I also got into contact with a friend from my past who gets SSD, and we shared our experiences late into the night--I was excited--a friend who cared, ironically, the only one to offer support, was severely disabled herself. Until her mother called and told to not ever call her 40 year old intelligent, mature daughter, and apparently, mommy pulls all strings. However, people like her can get through the process because someone is there to pay the bills while the process goes through. I also signed a severance agreement whereby I gave up many fundamental rights, in exchange for what I needed very very badly. I feel like I know more than the attorneys I talk to...they only want a fast buck. They'll take a water-tight SSD case, but never will they challenge what isn't fair. I'm more like partially disabled now, but when I lose my medical benefits, I'll become totally disables quickly. There is something seriously wrong with our system; just to think the hours I worked would have been O.K., if I were paid LESS. Is that fair. I keep on fighting. This recession doesn't help. Nor does the ICA. Or employee assistance programs, or community counseling programs. I'm so confused. I have one foot in both worlds. My case has been described as "borderline." However, one more cold or minor health problem, and whatever life quality I have and independence, may be over. Thanks for listing to long winded method. I cry.

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    It sounds to me like you need a different attorney --- just my thoughts.

    Stay safe

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      Happy to see someone is listening, but the attorney thing is easier said than done. Especially without money, and an incredible degree of emotional fragility I didn't think I had. So when you have illness, you have the priviledge of discovering yourself. Not that it's all also gives you greater compassion for others.


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        Hi Tracy,
        Don't give up, it sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulders, and you are using it. You are headed in the right direction, but this system works against us quite often. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your job, and that you have other disabilities, this life is just not fair sometimes. I will be thinking about you, and I hope that you find an attorney that will fight for your case just as hard as you are. Good luck, and keep in touch with us, we care. <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" />


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          Hi Tracy,
          I have been thinking about you, and just thought of a book that I bought on this website that has really helped me, it might be of some help to you right now. The book is called Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability, Getting and Keeping Your Benefits. SSI & SSDI

          It covers:
          Apply for benefits
          Keep existing benefits
          Work while receiving payments
          Understand Social Security Disability Insurance & Supplemental Security Income

          It is basicly a leagal book, and I know you know quite a bit already, I can tell by your post. It is the best book that I have found for what I need it for, I plan on getting back into the workforce. I got mine within 48 hours of ordering it, this site has the best service I have ever received ordering on a website.
          Good luck, and best wishes


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            Thank you both. Just wondering about right to apply for LTD from co who fired me. The insurance company let me file a claim. My co. will not complete their portion, stopping the claim from being investigated. I read fine print--learned LTD could be reported up to 12 months later, which I did. Complained to insurance commission. Nada.

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              Tracy, I went through a similar circumstance. In 1992 I got IC, got diagnosed in 1994 and lost my job in 1995. I got disability through work (I had been a paralegal for 17 years) and then it took me 2 years to get SSI disability. I was single and had no one to help either. I lost my condo and had to spend most of my leftover money on doctors, medications, etc. It was horrible. I feel for you. Now I am feeling great and ready to go back to work, but you can't help but feel that the years with IC are just one big waste, especially when we work so hard to get to a comfortable place in life. I hope you can get disability quicker than I did. I think they are going to be better with IC people from now on. If you want to e mail me you can at [email protected] Teresa


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                Hello Tracy:

                Could you get you Lawyer to phone your x-work to see where they are in filling out the claim. If it was handled this way your x employer will not feel threatened but will know you have a lawyer working on your side and may fill out the claim to avoid any legal future proceedings. Your employer would read between the lines. You paid for those benefits and are entitled to them. [img]smile.gif[/img]
                God bless, Yvonne


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                  Its seems that you also signed the severance paper under duress. You were sick and you were pushed into a corner. I had a similar problem, my work tried to fire me when I was sick. I asked for everything in writing and contacted legal aid. Legal aid advised me not to sign anything. I was on short term disiability at the tome. I did not hear anything from work for 2 weeks. They called and told me that I would have to pay for my medical/dental and that they would keep me on the books. I did not have to make any moves as I think my employer contacted a Lawyer(before trying fire me) and they quickly changed their tune.

                  I hope everything works out for you.
                  God bless, Yvonne


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                    I learned in my experience with the system that it has nothing to do with fairness or right or wrong. It is the networking among people that things in the system get done. Get a lawyer, they have a network in the system. I was denied twice with this stupid legal aid in my State.
                    Just ask around . Your problem will be handled differently.
                    I have mine approved last Sept.
                    Even you don't have a health insurance if you have a lawyer who has IT,you will get medical coverage no problem. The lawyers controls everything,get a good one who has an influence with the system.


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                      Tracey, What Oceana said is what appears to be true and another lawyer is worth looking into. One who deals with disability all the time. I will reread your post and I have had 12 years on SSD myself after getting royally screwed by my former employer in other ways. If I can think of anything that may help you I will. My friend had applied and is living with me cause of no income and we have looked into a disability lawyer. It is both unfair and we must learn the ins and outs of how to play the system. That book that was mentioned seems informative. Much Luck, Carol

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