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Anyone familiar with Ca. SSI ???

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  • Anyone familiar with Ca. SSI ???

    I got disability with no problem for a year, but it just ran out. I have recently applied for SSI being that I do not see myself ever returning to work. I am so worried they will not approve me because it is my bread and butter. We cannot survive on just my husbands income. I wasn't clear on exactly what I was supposed to bring in at the appointment. My doc wrote me a letter, so I figured if they needed anything else they could contact him. What is this about getting an attorney? They said it would take 3 months for a decision to be made, I wish I knew what the criteria was. If a doc says you should get it, don't you just get it?? Like I said I had no problem with the state disability. Words of advice??

    Carlye in Ca. southern orange county