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  • Sample letter for doctor

    Help! I'm in a bind! I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and have all of my paperwork completed as well as my initial interview, for social security disability. I ordered the ICA Personalized Disability Packet and Social Security Disability and IC, but neither contained the sample letter for the doctor. I now know that I should have ordered the Disability Evaluation in a Nutshell to get the sample letter. Can anybody email me a sample letter? I SWEAR that I will order my own from Doug Smith, so that he gets the revenue, but I need a sample letter now. Can someone out there help? I would call his office and ask/purchase, but I don't have anumber for that. I'm in a bind because I I'm still in process of applying for my long term disability insurance, which will take a few more weeks. In the meantime, I have exhaused 9 months of leave from work and have no more income. I need to get my SS stuff in the mail ASAP. Thanks in advance!