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IMPORTANT, New Ruling to Help IC patients get Disability

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  • IMPORTANT, New Ruling to Help IC patients get Disability

    Please follow this link:

    "This landmark Policy Interpretation fRuling for IC will inform and sensitize SSA employees to the existance of IC and instruct them in how to process claims bases wholy or in part on a diagnosis of IC. (This came out 11/5/02)" "The Policy Interpretation Ruling consists of 5 parts or steps and informs the reader that,'IC (a complex, chronic bladder disorder), when accompanied by appropriate symptoms, signs or laboratory findings, is a medicaly determinable impairment that can be the basis for a finding of disability.'""The basic guidebook for handling disability claims will be revised shortly to reflect the Ryuling " (and will train personnel)
    "IF YOU ARE IN THE PROCES OF APPLYING FOR SSDI PAYMENTS, REFERENCE RULING SSR 02-2p. "The ruling will also help those who are in process of continuing disability"
    I hope this helps. You can download the complete information at the URL I gave, but this is the most important highlights.
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    Songbird, thanks for sharing that.... I think everyone should write down that ruling # for future reference, just in case. Lyn