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  • Disability issue

    I was recently denied short term disability with my employer and wanted to see if anyone had any tips. My employer uses Aetna to handle all disability claims. A medical consultant at Aetna spoke with my doctor and decided there was not enough clinical objective information to re-certify me for short term disability. My doctor is supportive, but may not be providing them with what they need in their lingo. Does anyone have any advice or examples of information they provided their doctor or insurance company for why they were unable to work?? Anything would be helpful.


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    I am receiving disability from my work policy. I sent away for the disability in a nutshell from the Interstitial Cystitis Association. It was very helpful. It has examples of things that are hard to do with IC such as: pulling, lifting, bending, ect. They also send a letter from Dr. Ratnor who has IC. There is a fee, but it was worth it. Good luck!! I am currently applying for ss disability.


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      Have been through the wringer on this issue, on both short and long term. "sigh"...Ok...Do you have an official DX of IC? if so, the results of whatever tests you took need to be sent with your doctor to AETNA. Also, how it impacts your life needs to included. I'm sure you have nocturia...So how many times a night are you up and how tired does that make you during the day? How often do you pee at work? How does that affect your work? Are you in pain? is that affecting your sleep? are you on meds? is that afttecting how youwork (both the meds andyour lack of sleep due to pain) These are all so crucial I've found out dealing with disabililty. (I finally got mine on the sleep and narcotic pain management issues)

      If you are not officially dx'd but it is suspected that is OK but doc needs to express his suspiscion and verify you are testing on whatever dates. Then lay out specifically what your symptoms are and how they affect your work (see above)

      If you can keep a journal of:
      A) night urination
      B) day urination
      C)Pain in bladder region (rate it on a scale)
      D)pain in pelvic region (rate it on a scale)
      E) Pain elsewhere in your body
      F) sleep quality
      G) Nap needs

      and whatever else seems necessary for about a week and use that to submit with your documents, it can only help. (save a copy for yourself)

      You can win this you just have to keep trying. Everytime mine comes up for renewal...(every 3 months) I get told I should be recovered enough to work according to their "charts". So I have to go through this and stress and my guts grind worrying they are going to ultimately say no (they never do). paid for the have the right to now call 'em on the policy. You are sick!\

      Goooooood LUCKKK...Let me know if I can help more.....

      Peace :cool:


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        Solfish have you also applied for ss disabilty? Just curious, I applied and am now waiting to hear from them.


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          Nope...Up until just recently, I was planning to go back to work but it isn't looking like it may not happen within the year. I'm keeping the journal to be prepared. (hey..I'm a good little boy scout) Really...I had read all this other stuff from various places to help with disability. And I've had my headaches with my work long term disability. Geez...funny thing is...everyone thinks you're just relaxing and having fun. But you're worrying.

          My doc has the name of a good lawyer for me when the time comes for me to apply for SS. He told me just to bypass the BS and have this lawyer do it for me. He has a set fee and only charges if he wins and is reasonable (uh..reasonalbe coming from an employed physician) he's done it so many times it is a piece of cake for him so I will prob do that.