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Letter from SSA about Disability Case

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  • Letter from SSA about Disability Case

    Hey everyone! I got some good news today from the SS office. They sent me a letter saying that they had received my request from the congressmans office to speed my hearing up. They approved it and said I would be getting a hearing date real soon. I just hope real soon to them is the same as it would be for all of us. scream It really paid off for me to contact my congresman and get him behind me. I would suggest that anyone who has applied think about considering this. It seems to have helped my case very much. Wish me luck. Thank you LisaK angel

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    I am sooo happy for you. Seems like we both got good news today. I checked with my local SS office and they said that my file has already come back from the "federal review" APPROVED and I will be receiving my first check in September. It is like the weight of the world has been taken off my shoulders. Yes, I agree. Without the suggestion in the disability book that I bought from this web site I would have never thought about getting politicians involved in my case. It made all the difference in the world with his involvement I am sure as far as the approval and speed. I am not up for review again for 7 years....Again, I am very happy for you. Hugs, Susan