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Is anyone on disability?

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  • Is anyone on disability?

    This post is for Mary. Originally posted under Interstim board.

    hawgfan posted 03-30-2001 05:41 PM

    Is anyone on disability? I have had a very hard time working the last 3 years since I
    have had IC. I was wondering where to start and how to go about it? Is it hard to
    get on disability? Can someone give me some advice?

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    I have been on disability for almost 2 years. I receive payments from disability insurance (through my former employeer) and Social Security. Many of us have had different experiences getting and keeping disability.
    For me, getting disability through the insurance policy wasn't difficult. Keeping it is a constant struggle. It's alot of paperwork and phone calls. Thankfully I have a great doctor who supports me. Social Security wasn't too difficult for me to get. BUT I think the disability insurance paved the way.
    Some states also have disability benefits. Where do you live? Are you currently working? Does your employeer have disability insurance? Do you have a Dr who will support you in your efforts?
    As for getting started for Social Security disability, hopefully someone here will have that info. I think you have to be off work for atleast 6 months before applying. Then I think it's a phone call to begin the process. Does anyone have that phone number? Or does it vary by state?
    take care,


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      I have been collecting SSD checks for almost 3 years now. I hired a disability lawyer right off because I had heard of all the yuck they put you through. I had my uro and family doctor write letters decribing IC. They said to be prepared to be denied 3 times, that's just standard. Only thing I had to do was inform the lawyer of meds change of doctor's visits. Otherwise, he took care of everything and took 10% or no more than $2500. I would do it all the same if I had to do it again. Hope this helps. Good Luck, Tx-Brenda.


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        I got my SS disability after my 1st denial and without an attorney. My first step was calling my local SS office. They have all of your records right at their finger tips and will answer any questions you have. If you are qualified, they will send you all the paper work. What I did was write a letter to each of my drs telling them in detail what IC had taken from me~I described life before AND after IC. And, I made follow up visits to my drs to make sure that any paper work that was sent to them was filled out and sents back in to SS asap. The paper work is a nighmare. They ask you the same questions 30 different ways. So, everytime I got a new batch of paper work to fill out, I'd grab the copy of my last papers (YOU MUST KEEP COPIES OF EVERYTHIG) and put down the exact same answers. It was a rough thing to go thru emotionally but I would do it again in a heartbeat. The last 3 years that I worked were such a nightmare and I was always exhausted trying to 'act normal' just to get thru a day.
        hope this helps some....
        tons of hugs~teri
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          I, too, have been on SSDI for a year and a half. I was denied one time, didn't get a lawyer, and was finally approved in 11 months. Everything all the others have said is true, make copies, detail how this disease has changed your life, have lettters from family, friends, and co-workers (if you can) describing how you have changed, etc. One thing that I did which has not yet been mentioned was to call my congressman's regional office and ask that he make an "official inquiry" into the status of my appeal. This means that every time SS sends you anything, a copy goes to your congressman also. I think that doing this helped me greatly. Good luck!


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            Mary,there is a program called A.C.C.E.S.S. from Olsten Health Services.This is out of Fla.but they have offices all over the country.Here is the # 1-888-700-7010 and you can speak to Katherine Crowe or Atty.Leach.There is no charge for his fee.The access program was founded by the late Rachel Warner,Advocating for Chronic Conditions,Entitlements and Social Services.It is dedicated to help find solutions to social and economic problems that confront families facing chronic disorders.Rachel dedicated the last six years of hear life to exploring the paths to benefits to benefits and services available for the chronically ill patients.Bill Leach Esq.(Staff Attorney/Hearings Supervisor)will advise you how to proceed.Atty.Leach flew in from Fla to represent this patient and it was pro bono.You will also be assigned a patient advocate and ALL services are free.Any questions feel free to e-mail and she will get back to you as soon as possible [email protected] She has Myothenias Gravis. Hope this helps,delores


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              I've been getting SSD for the last 3 years. In fact, I just had to fill out papers that I'm being reassessed. I applied and was rejected, got a lawyer after the second rejection and then won at my hearing. I called the lawyer before even applying and they told me they don't get involved until after the second rejection. But he earned his money by getting together all my medical records and letters from my doctors...I'm so glad to have it because in addition to the monthly paycheck, I get medicare. I have huge medical bills and it also helps pay for my psychiatrist, weekly therapy to help deal with the depression.

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                Originally posted by WeeweeHurtz
                Everybody in Georgia gets disability...why not people in New York and New Jersey? Why is that? I think Im moving down south
                It's not really fair to say that everybody in GA gets disability. I think that most people, no matter where they live have trouble of some sort getting their SSDI to go through. I would imagine people get turned down in GA just like they do everywhere else.

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                  Funny that you say that...I've heard that everybody in NY is on welfare. Of course, I don't really believe that, just like I hope that you don't really believe that everyone in Ga & Ca is on disability.


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                    WOW there is a wealth of information. Thanks Everyone for sharing.