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Social Security Appeal - How Long to Hear Anything?

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  • Social Security Appeal - How Long to Hear Anything?

    I have mailed all of my appeal paperwork to the SS office and have a certified return receipt that they received it. I also spoke with my SS Case Worker and she said that she had forwarded the information to disability. How long is the wait before you receive information as to who your case worker is, etc. I know that you have a different case worker and doctor that reviews your case. How long is the wait usually until you hear something from disability? Thanking everyone in advance. Susan

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    I finally did get some information from disability and it did give me the name of my case workers, etc. I had to fill out another pain assessment and activities of daily living. I am soooo glad that I kept copies of the original paperwork. It helped tremendously. I also had mailed letters for our Governor, Congresmen, etc. and got a response from one today saying that he had my complete support and he was going to check with SS and disability to see if there was anything that he coul do to help me. Cant hurt any! Keep your fingers crossed. Susan


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      Aren't you from WV? Me to, and I also just applied last week and waiting for info. Who did you contact at the Capitol for help. I am curious to see what they will do to help. Email or PM me please. [email protected]


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        when I applied in 1999 in Michigan all my papers from them said they had to make their decisions in 90 days and in my case, they stuck to it.
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          I thought the appeal process took well over a year? Have things changed?