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    I'm new to the message board. After having been diagnosed with IC for 10 years now, I'm finally considering filing for disability. I've been a nurse for 12 yrs. Nurses are nortorious for having to hold their bladder for the entire work shift. Well, I counted 50 times on my worst day at work. If I hold it as long as I can, I flare up terribly. The suprapubic pain is so sever taht I can barely walk and I'm in tears. The patients become more concerned about be. I also have terrible backpain and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Although I only worked to 12 hour shifts a week, I finally quit in Dec 2001. I'm always tired. I've tried all meds and the interstim. Nothing is helping. I'm now getting nerve blocks in my back. How difficult have you found it to get SSD (disablity). I should go for it, because I just can't bring myself to go back to work. It's hard enough to get out of bed after getting up every 30min-1hour round the clock. I'm due Aug 6 to have Botox injection in my bladder neck to help with the severe straining. I hope I don't end up incontinent.
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    hello kristian,
    i am new to the post too. my name is angel and i am in the same boat. i am an optician/optical manager and have worked with ic for 8yrs. i haved missed work because of flair ups, as well as forced myself to work with it. as a single parent i was left with no choice! i have bladder reflux as well and must catherize 3 times a day.....i kept it a secret for a long time. till my bathroom trips became out of control as well as the pain. i refused dmso treatments for 5yrs now because of the side effects interfering with my work schedule. at this point i have become desperate for relief and realized the quality of life is more important. i am on a leave of absence from work and have applied for st disability from work. i worked myself into the ground and i am paying for it. i feel your pain!
    i two am looking into social security benifits.
    from the horror stories i am hearing it looks like we are in for a little waite. i placed a post myself recently about this also. i wish i knew more about it to share with you......i will be reasearching this option and will be happy to keep you up dated. i know they have good info. on this and i plan to explore. if you come across anything that will help yourself please pass it on!!! i am here for you! lets keep this boat afloat...... <img src="graemlins/toilet.gif" border="0" alt="[toilet]" />
    may Gods blessings be upon you!
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    Angel R. Miller
    In times of need, if you are feeling sad, you can count on me. i will give you a wink , until you smile , give you a hug :GROUPHUG:, and stand by your side. i'll be there for you till the end, I'll always and forever, BE YOUR FRIEND!


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      On SSI benefits, knowledge is power.. Reasearch is a must.. Records are a must also.. I have been working on this for 18 months now.. I retained an attorney after my 2nd appeal. So to make it easier I would suggesst getting the Attorney up front. Call you SS office, and 1st see if you Qualfiy, you need to do this right away, as it is done on a credit basis, so if you are unemployed, and have been for awhile, you may not have enough credits to qualify.. It only takes one call to do this, remember do this 1st, as the process takes awhile, and if you are not working you are loosing credits..
      I have lived in 5 states in the past 20 yrs.. I am only 38, but IC started for me in 1982, I did not receive the diagnosis until 1986.. Dr's do not have to keep records past 10 years.. Neither do hospitals, or Surgery Centers, so know where to go next. EX. if you had a cysto at a surgery center, and they no longer have your records, find out who the Pathologist was, and request the records from him or her. Pathologists NEVER throw out there records.. I would be glad to help anyone out.. My email is [email protected] <img src="graemlins/hi.gif" border="0" alt="[hi]" />