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    Well I got my denial letter yesterday. Get this I applied for IC, depression, aniexty, scolosis and migraines. Nothing was mention in the reason for denial about anything doing with the IC. They mention that I had stomach problems, responded to treatment and my weight had stabilize. I did not even put this down. Where they got this is beyond me....I am not even taking medication for stomach problems. And my urologist did not even respond to them. My migraines where no where to be found and my neurologist was not even mentioned.

    I have contacted SS to get the paper work to get the judge to look at it. The woman at SS was kinda of surprise I was turned down. She told me I would get my chance to tell all of this to the law judge. I have also contacted an attorney. And I am going on Friday to talk to my urologist.

    It is so irrating for them acting like this.

    They sent my to one of there internal medicine drs and like a week later I was denied. This guy knew nothing about IC or the interstim device I have. I had a feeling when I left there that day I would get turned down.

    Anyways sorry for the ranting and raving but just had to vent. If you don't have IC you have no idea just what we go through on a daily basis.

    URGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! cussing cussing

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    dont feel 2 bad i lost the first time and got me a lawyer i went in front of the judge my lawyer says he worked with this judge and that i won i am waiting 2 here if i won it takes 4 weeks or more so hang in there get a good lawyer and fight u will win in the end we just have to play there head games because of all the other people who apply and r not disable good lucky plucky


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      This may be nuts, you think maybe whoever denied it got bits of your case mixed up w/ someone else's? Or that one of the dr's offices did that, or brought up stomach problems from some minor office visit you had for a virus? With some of these folks, I really wouldn't be surprised...I have had this type of thing happen w/ some of my insurance claims. Hang in there, and let us know how it goes. grouphug


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        From what I read on these boards, it would appear that nearly everyone is denied the first time around. I think it's a way to discourage people from applying. And lots of people will just give up after that denial instead of filing an appeal.

        Don't give up. Most people on the boards eventually win.

        Sending an encouraging hug,
        Stay safe

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          Sorry that you got denied, hang in there like Donna said there are alot that get denied first time to discourage us from appling, I think it's in there rule book lmao Don't give up....
          'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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            Thanks everyone. I have had family members wonder about mixing my case up with someone else. Although the first of last year 2002 I had a really bad case of the stomach flu and ending up in the hosptial for a couple of days. But I did not even put that down. Oh well. I figured I would get turned downt he first time. But I will keep trying. Thanks for the support grouphug


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              I only know of one person who got theirs on the first try. It's really important that YOU go to the dr's who are treating you and get all of your records and send them to SS (and keep copies for yourself too) That way you have proof with your appeal. Paying an attorney 25% of what your first check will be should be used as a last resort. If you do the foot work you can keep that 25% in your own pocket. I got the book from the ICA that helped me when I applied. Got turned down the first time, approved the second time. BUT, when I got my dr's to write letters regarding my wonderful new life I went there in person, I didn't trust that they would do it without me bugging them. They sent me to their dr right after my interstim surgery and the dr was a real a$$, I even filed a complaint about him. He refused to listen to anything I had to say regarding limitations.....I finally dropped my pants and gave him a view of the fresh scars on my fanny and that was the end of the appt When I got my check it was worth the waitbut it was alot of work and determination for me to do all of the footwork that was needed and I was glad that the attorney I had talked to told me that most attornies won't even touch the case until you have been turned down twice. And, it makes sense cuz the longer your wait, the more money you get, the MORE money the attorney gets cussing

              I have a sister who's little boy has CF. She's a pretty lazy 40 year old and has had to apply twice for SS for the 9 year old. And, her attorney has gotten a ton of her money...and when SS reversed it's decision the first time and she had to pay money back, not a dime was given back by the attorney who worked on her case.

              So, in your appeal, make sure that YOU send all of your records. Don't rely on your dr's to do it.

              wishing you the best of luck~
              Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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                When you are on the third appeal with the administrative law judge, you need an attorney.


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                  In Michigan you don't need an can represent yourself. The attorney is an option.
                  Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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                    Teri is correct if you do all the work you don't have to give anyone your deserved money. I was approved first time so I didn't have to reapply. but I did send in lots of documents on IC and my uro sent in a detailed report, so did my MD and GYN.... I wish you the best
                    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                      I have gotten turned down on my first try and in the appeal process now. I urge you to go to your local SS office and ask to see your records. Keep in mind when you go that you yourself can not look at the records but you can take a friend or husband, etc. and write out a statement that you are making them your representative and give this to SS when you get there. I did this with my husband and we both sat down and went over the information. Here you will find PROBABLY even more errors that you will need for your appeal. I went through the same thing. There were 10 unmailed medical release forms in my file for doctors that werent even mailed out. Susan


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                        I went today and talked to my Urologist. I had an appointment. He said he would write me a letter for them. And I am in the process of getting my records from them. When I asked SS (the 1-800 #) about seeing what was sent in to them she told me I would have to get an attorney to do that. I think they are so confused.

                        My take....I believe that they need to have people there that are qualified in all the medical disabilites they have. And I think that for each disability there should be at least on person who is highly qualified and knows an extensive amount of knowledge about that certain ailment. I think they do not know enough about this disease and they need to learn more. I know the DR. they sent me to had no knowledge of it.

                        It is just really irrating. That is my money they have not there's to begin with. And if I need it why should incompent people deal with me.

                        Thank god for people like all of you on here that can supply an encourging word when it is needed. At times I think Im the only one in the world battling this disease. I am glad to know I am not alone.


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                          You do NOT have to have an attorney to look at your records. I know that this sounds stupid but you do not have the right to look at your records yourself BUT you can appoint a representative. Do this in writing, it can be a relative, neighbor, friend. State in your note that you are appointing this person your designated representative, have it signed by both you and your rep and give this to them at SS. I appointed my husband. The chart was turned over to both of us to review and that is where I found the errors. In the book Nolo's Guide to SS Disability, chapter 2 pages 39 & 40 it states "Under the Privacy Act, you or your authorized representative has the right to examine federal government records pertaining to you (Public Law 93-579; 5 U.S.C., $552a; 20 CFR$$ 401.30-401.200). Your authorized representative is someone you appoint in writing to pursue your rights under the SS Act. You dont have to name a complete stranger as your authorized representative you could name any responsible person, including a family member. This right means that you can request to see the medical and other evidence used to evaluate your application for SSDI or SSI benefits. Make this request in writing to the SSA Field Office handling your claim." You do have the right to review your case file. I would call them back and bring this ruling to their attention. I found it very helpful. Susan