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Applying for SSI - self employed

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  • Applying for SSI - self employed

    I am applying for SSI instead of SSD due to the fact I am self employed. We have been fileing income tax for the business with my husband name being listed not realizing that it would make any difference. If I wanted to be eligable for SSD I would have to refile the last 5 years income tax & file seperately for each of us. We have a computer business both store front & internet & the stress of the business both emotionaly & physically is getting too much for me that I why I decided to apply for SSD & found that I would have to apply for SSI unless I did what I said before about income taxes. I have seen direct increase in pain & other symptoms of IC in relation to the stress in the store. I am wondering if anyone on the ICN has or knows anyone who applied & was approved SSI? I would appreciate any suggestions as I don't know how much longer we can keep the store open. My husband has a heart condition & we are both in our mid 50's & it would be difficult for him to get a job as we live in a small town. It would be more sensible to keep some type of Internet business that he could maintain with out any or little help from me.


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    Sandy, I guess you didn't see my message to you. I just had a bladder Hydr yesterday and so I feel pretty rough and lots of pain. I hope you are doing okay. e-mail me if you have time.


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      Hi Sandy,
      I'm actually on SSI waiting for the SSD approval. I applied 5/98, and in the hearing 7/99 the disability determination was made so I was approved for SSI while I wait for SSD. The medical disability process is the same for both, but the payment amount is set for SSI. In Colorado, the max payment is $530 a month, and if you make income they deduct some of that.
      For SSD they check income for the 10 years before the date you became disabled to see if you have enough work quarters to qualify.

      I'll tell ya, it's just amazing how every rule has about 5 different options for SS depending on what your answer is.
      I'd be glad to help all I can.
      Feel free to write. And take good care.
      mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>


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        Thanks for responding & yes I will e-mail you either today or tonight with some question. Have pain free day if possible. Sometimes I wonder.