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Getting copies of SSI Doctors records

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  • Getting copies of SSI Doctors records

    I called up the Social Security office in my area after being denied SSI to see about getting copies of the records of the doctors they sent me to & they told me to call the doctors. Upon doing this the first doctor office said being that I was not a patient of the doctors & was sent there by SSI that they sent every thing to Social Security. I then called them back up about getting copies of the doctors reports from them & they informed me that I would have to have my doctors request the records & that was the only way I could see what was in them. They also said that if I had to have a hearing if I was denied again (I sent in the request for reconsideration right after I got my denial) that then I would be able to look but not make copies. Has any one else had a hard time getting copies of the doctors to which Social Security & if they were able to get copies how did you get the copies. I will be very appreciative of any feed back or suggestions as how to get copies of my records.

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    The easiest way to get the records would be to ask that they be sent to your physician. Some physician offices are very reluctant to send records to the patient --- even though there are some laws requiring that you have access.

    Since you're dealing with a government agency, I suggest you take the easy route for now and work with your doctor on this if you can.

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      You can go down to your social security office also and ask to see your file. You can make copies of anything you like from it. I've done it a couple of times, and it gives you lots of good information! You get to see the all the reports and notes they've made about you. Mine was so full of errors everywhere, I made notes to correct things that have been said and written.

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