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Approval finally...But Now What?

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  • Approval finally...But Now What?

    I finally got the letter of approval for SSDI from SSA but no award letter yet. I've been approved "for medical reasons" but they are still checking out my non medical qualifications (work credits I assume). My "analyst" for the SSI portion said a reply wuuld be out at the end of this week so I'm assuming I got that too. I'm certainly poor enough! Now, can anyone here warn me as to how long I am going to have to wait for my first check. I hope they don't drag this out too!

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    Keep us posted. I am in the appeals process now myself. I aam not real sure how long this all takes either. Keep us updated, and Congrats.



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      I can't say how long it will take for yours, but when I got approved it tood almost 6 weeks! I was totally broke - couldn't even buy diapers for my baby. I was so frustrated, but I didn't want to try to call them to see when I would be getting the money. So, I told my psychologist about it and she called for me! (She's really cool and VERY helpful.) Well, two days after she called I finally got my first check. The bad thing was that it was right before So, I went and got my daughter (very much needed) clothes and shoes - ouch. I shop at used clothing places like consignment shops, but it still adds up!
      Anyway, I hope it doesn't take near that long for you. I would give it a couple of weeks and then try to call them to see how long you have to wait.

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        Hello and congratulations on your approval! I dont receive ssi, but both my husband a daughter do. My daughter had cerebral pasly and my husband was hurt in an accident two years ago. He is also bipolar. It took a year for his approval, and he got his first check in two weeks after the letter of approval. My daughter reciebed her first check three months after i applied for her. Good luck!

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          I stand corrected...the letter I received was actually from SSI, not SSDI. Apparently, they use the same stationary (that's not a joke; that's straight from my disability analysts mouth!). And from what I seem to hear, SSI seems to get the first check out faster than SSDI. Either way, I hope its soon or I could end up living under a rock!


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            On my first denial they said it was because I was depressed becaue of my diseases. My shrink wrote them a letter stating that I'd been seeing him for 5 years before the diseases went full blown. One the first appeal I won (it was a huge check, talk about one happy girl;O) I was reviewed less than 2 years of the time they'd approved me and it's my understanding now that it's permanent and from now on, it's their job to prove that I am able to work and that ain't gona be happening
            It's been 4 years now and I have never gotten a letter telling me what I was approved on. I've called and they have told me that I can make an appt to come in at any time to review my records but it's just too much bother.

            I sure hope that it's all downhill for you from here on......

            tons and tons of hugs~
            Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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              Teri, your story is just about identical to mine. The only reason I think I got approved this time is because my doctor put down in writing that my bouts of depression had been going on for years...way before IC entered my life. He also added that I was unable to work. So essentially, I'm now on disability due to depression, not the IC. For some reason, I've been almost embarressed to mention that, especially in this particular board. But my relief that this hell is almost over kind of overcomes that. All I can say is that until IC is truly taken seriously, I would suggest that any of you with serious depression problems drop your pride and use that part of your history for your case.


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                Don't be embarrassed sad! The depression that we have suffered with all of our lives means we are in a lot worse place when we get that flare we are sure will never end! It makes holding a job even more impossible. We didn't ask for the depression and we sure as he$$ didn't ask for any of the other illness either!!!!!!! Use ALL the tools you have to get this approved. With every approval it will make the next ICer in line have to fight just a little less~

                tons and tons of very gentle hugs~
                Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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                  How long did the process take you? And, are you on meds. that make it impossible to work? (narcotics, etc....)

                  Can you also tell me what other diseases you have?

                  In my application my case worker put: Fibromyalgia, OsteoArthritis, depression, IC, PFD, Hypo-Thyroidism.

                  Can anyone tell me if it helps to have a bunch of diseases? It wasn't until I got the IC and PFD that I was finally ready to apply for Disability....I was dx'd with FM at age 22 so, I have always had to work less and less physical jobs. My caseworker says they have a great success, I am praying that I don't get denied the first time. Dana

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                    congratulations. I, too, got SSI and SSD. I got a check about 1 1/2 months after finding out I was approved. Then it was a big check and the next month I got normal SSD and checks for the kids too. Do you have kids?? If so apply for them too. I get 143.00 for Em and the same for Justin.

                    Hang in there. It's getting better.