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The screwing from SS

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  • The screwing from SS

    Yep! They are doing it to me again. Sending me to their shrink. My God, I've been seeing MY shrink since 1989......I just don't get it. The original application was NOT FOR anything mental, it was for IC. Things haven't been going real good around here physically, mentally etc etc and this just kind of put me over the edge....when does it stop??????? when can I STOP being reminded of my illnesses??????
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".

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    *Deb opens her arms as wide as she can*

    Here honey.......climb into them and let me hold ya for a while okay? [img]frown.gif[/img]

    Hang in there Teri - oh honey..hang in there, I KNOW EXACTLY what you are talking about - thats all I heard on my review/renewal "But you havent addressed depression or discussed it with a professional psychiatrist so we may have to send you to SS one" I was about ready to SCREAM! I mean, they send you 12 pages to fill out, takes you forever, just like the first time we applied and got put through the wringer - then 2 weeks later, I got ANOTHER packet asking the SAME things I just took 12 hours to answer 2 weeks ago, but they ask you the SAME question 15 different ways and upside down! [img]mad.gif[/img]

    Hang in there baby - go to their stupid doctor and bring EVERY PIECE OF PAPER FROM YOUR DOCTOR with you - and go through the routine honey - you did it before, you can do this again - even though I KNOW how pi$$ed off you are right now....I KNOW. I think you and I are the only 2 that have had to go through renewal so far on here - and it sucks, no doubt about it. Keep your cool my friend....jump through their damn hoops even though its sooooooooooo degrading and humiliating, God knows it is..I know it is...but YOU ARE NOT A QUITER - I've NEVER known you to quit before and you CANT quit now...not after all THIS that you've been through....

    (hugs you tightly)......

    lots of love, strength (what little I have) and support to you my friend,



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      Stay safe

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        Oh Jeesh! Teri, I'm sorry. I guess there's really only one way to make that system work, and that's THEIR way. Bummer.

        "The first time her laughter unfurled it's wings into the wind....
        We knew that the world would never be the same."
        ~Brian Andres

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          Man I thought your case was approved by now. I know it takes up to a year but seems like by now. Sorry. Someday I will need your assistance in applying for myself. Terri, I do have a question for you as you have a lot of knowledge in this area. I have a friend who has applied for SS as well. He is 35 years old with end stage heart failure- cardiomyopathy. They sent him last week to SS psychiatrist for evaluation. Help me out here Terri- why do they send you to a psych. to see if you are eligble for SS? Please does the decision lie in the pschytr. evaluation whether you get the SS or not?



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            Hi Vicki~I was approved. This is my first review but it's all the same b.s. that they put you thru when you first apply.
            The shrink (if that's what you want to call him) asks questions. Makes you look at pictures and tell him/she what it is you see. Makes you draw pictures (go figure??????) Wants a list of your meds and what ever side effects you have. It's all a bunch of bull. The state has something like $540 to spend on each case. So, basically what it is is MORE tax payers money is being wasted just to make people jump thru hoops. When my mother got sick with liver disease she applied and even tho she ended up dying in 6 months, she could not get approved for SS so I am completely convinced that there is no rhyme or reason for what they do and how they do it. I think they must put names in a hat and draw one and say "okay, this is the one we are going to screw with today" [img]wink.gif[/img]
            Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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              What a mess you have to deal with. I can only imagine how frustrating all of this is for you!
              You are one of the strongest people I know on these boards. I know you'll get through it. I know it's hard and grueling! I hope when the dust settles, that you can sit back and relax a bit.

              Best Wishes and Good Luck to You as you face this difficult time.


              "Never take, I don't know how to help you as an answer."

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                Hey Teri hun..

                When they show you those LOVELY pictures (God do I know what you are talking about....SHEESH, like we are 3 right?) anyways, when they show them to you yet we go ..ready?

                Q "And what does this one look like?"

                A "An IC Bladder"

                Q "And what do you see in this one?"

                A "An IC Bladder"

                *psychiatrist is thinking at this wise guy, okay (scribbles down.."patients response is "bladder" to every question"*

                Q. "And this one? What do you see?"

                A. " YOUR MOMMA"

                ROFLLLLLLLLLLMAAAAAAAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [img]biggrin.gif[/img] [img]biggrin.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

                See made ya smile huh? (grins)

                God I HATE those stupid tests (deb rolls eyes and mimics the psych. real snotty like) Now - The quesitons in ""'s are the doctor and the other is the answer you WISH you could give and ARE giving in your mind k? Ready?

                "I"m going to name 3 things and I want you to remember them at the end of our "discussion" here we go - red ball, green tree, yellow flower - now...lets begin. Who was the first president of the United States?" (you answer out loud on this one) George Washington, HOWEVER, technically he was NOT the first president of the United States, he was the first ELECTED president, there was one before him, but right at this moment I cannot remember his name, but perhaps YOU as the doctor would know his name since you have the degree, but ...continue with your questions please doctor. (doc looks a bit perturbed...good...moving along) - "What is todays date?" *If you dont know why are you asking ME?* - "What year is it?" "Apparently sometime in the 60's judging by what at what YOU are wearing" "What is the color of an apple?" YOUR ANSWER - Which kind? We have Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Oregon - but if you'd like to get technical, an apple is green, red, reddish green, yellow, purple, dark red, light red, brown (LOL) and ......I think thats it - NEXT QUESTION PUHLEEEZE! hehhhee

                *Psych looks at you and write "patient being a smarta$$, but is correct in the answer with the apple....lets move onto drawing pictures...*

                Okay, here are some pencils/crayons, please draw me something that makes you happy, draw me your life, a picture of your husband, kids, any grandchildren you have...etc...

                Grab the colored pencil/crayon - hmmm *deb thinks of a good it!* ...Draw a very very tiny cirle about the size of a half dollar - inside that circle (dont make it perfectly round though, unshape it a bit k?) - draw little stick people, all but you - then put red lines inside of the circle and put TERRIFYING looks on the stick peoples faces - then, make sure you take the yellow pencil and put just a tad under the stick peoples (your family) feet. another pencil and draw a large foot right above that circle with the terrified people standing in the yellow stuff - and draw it so the foot is squishing the circle and ALL the people inside of it.

                Now...hand it to her/him - the "doctor". *okay, patient has drawn a strange picture signifying family and such..* "Could you please explain this picture to me - you stated there were so many people in your family, but I see one is missing - which one signifies you and can you explain this picture in that aspect?" *SURE DOC...NOT A PROBLEM ONE ON THAT ONE....YA SEE ITS LIKE THIS. THE FOOT IS LIFE, THE CIRCLE IS MY BLADDER WHICH REPRESENTS ME *hey...doc asked to draw your life as YOU see it right?* - SEE THOSE PEOPLE IN THE CIRCLE DOC? THOSE ARE MY FAMILY MEMBERS...AND THE YELLOW IS WHAT LITTLE URINE I HOLD IN MY LIFE EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE AND THE RED IS ME BEING IRRITATED AND ANGRY, YOU SEE AN IC BLADDER LOOKS THAT WAY UNDER A PHYSICAL EXAM, SORT OF LIKE THIS EXAM DOC - SO...AFTER A WHILE, THE REDNESS GOES AWAY BUT I DONT, SO THE REDNESS SIGNIFIES 2 THINGS, MY BLADDER WITH IC AND MY ANGER. AND THE TERRIFIED PEOPLE - WELL..THATS HOW THEY LIVE THEIR LIVES EVERY DAY BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW I FEEL AND WHAT A SUCKY LIFE I LEAD"

                *psych looks surprised and writes down what patient says....and then...just to rub it ALL IN after the exam torture to see if you are sane...(rolling eyes here) they ask those 3 STUPID questions:

                Q. What were the 3 things I asked you to remember in the beginning of this evaluation?

                A. Doc, if I tell you and get it right - can I ask you the SAME thing? I answer your stupid 3 things in the beginning and you answer mine (grab the notebook out of their lap) and we'll see if you got it right on how I live every day of MY life living with this disease. I DO know the 3 things you said in the beginning, so lets turn it around a bit...lets see if you remember in this 2 hour session EVERYTHING I TOLD YOU and see if you slip ONE TIME, just ONCE...because you see, thats all it takes from SS to deny someone the last right and last bit of dignity they have in their lives when they are disabled and the money that they get every month isnt even minimum wage if you break it down 24 hours a day 7 days a week of the pain I experience and yet my house is clean, I manage to live my life as best as I know how living with this disease, but not only IC, lets add in all the others doctor, and see how you would begin..

                Q. What is the medical condition called that diseases my bladder and what does it do to a person - spefically ME since thats who we are discussing and evaluating right?

                Q. What is my name? How do I feel at this moment? Do you KNOW me - do you SEE me everyday? Do you see me on the floor writhing in pain until the pain meds, that dont even TOUCH the pain, that I must beg for at times from my doctors in order to even get out of bed in the morning - kick in so I am able to get up off of that floor?

                Oh Doctor..whats wrong - no answer? Here (grab pencil/paper/crayons and those damn ink blots AND the NOTEBOOK) ...perhaps if YOU draw ME a picture or tell ME what this stupid *** ink blot on this piece of paper looks like, perhaps then you might remember....

                Oh yeah.....I dont need Social Security because you arent sick and you make 100 THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR.......hmmmmm.....interesting dont you think??

                Did I get it Teri? *** it......I'm angry..angry at the system because I KNOW THAT TEST and its the DUMBEST TEST IN THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD AND WHOEVER CAME UPWITH IT SHOULD BE BEATEN WITH THE DAMN PICTURES! I'D LIKE TO INK BLOT THAT PERSON!! [img]mad.gif[/img] See..its a no win situation for those of you that have never gone through that specific test - see...if you pick BRIGHT colored crayons/pencils and draw HAPPY pictures (clouds rainbows, birds, flowers...etc..) they say you're mental - on the flip take the darkest colors you can find and draw angry faces and dark skies and thunderbolts - they say you're angry and could possibly be a "hostile person with intent of hurting yourself or another". NO WIN SITUATION HERE! BECAUSE OF THOSE QUESTIONS AND THOSE DUMB *** PICTURES I was LPUT in one of those places where they lock you away - no shoe laces, no razors, NOTHING *DEB SCREAMS* I had NO CHOICE because some STUPID "DOCTOR" DECIDED I WAS MENTAL AND WOULD HURT MYSELF OR ANOTHER - I WAS 15 -MY FIRST BOYFRIEND I EVER HAD, MY FIRST LOVE HAD DIED 3 DAYS BEFORE, FALLING 80 FEET ONTO CONCRETE TO HIS DEATH, I WAS THERE!! 15 YEARS OLD A MERE CHILD - and WHY?? Because I was DEPRESSED DUE TO MY FIRST LOVES DEATH but they turned it into I was "mental and a possible mennace to society and to others"!! GOD.....I'd LOVE TO GET MY HANDS ON THE PERSON THAT CREATED THAT DAMN RETARDED TEST!!


                Love you honey - you hang TOUGH you ARE TOUGH Teri...but I know I NAILED that test...those words will ring through your mind until you hear the final answer from SS and it sucks, God do I know that feeling....and frustration!!

                I'm with you honey....

                Deb *still angry now over that *** test!*


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                  Just deb hon... That was absolutely the best post that I have ever read in my entire life. Thank you for putting a smile on my face today, I really needed it.
                  It is only with the heart that one sees rightly, that which is essential is invisible to the eye. THE LITTLE PRINCE


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                    I have no idea what to say!

                    This post is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

                    It should be shown to every doctor/uro in the entire world..............

                    What a beautiful way you have with words.

                    I am extremely impressed!!!!!!!!!!

                    Thank You So much

                    You described it in a nutshell!!!

                    "Never take, I don't know how to help you as an answer."

                    [email protected]



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                      when i applied they sent me to a shrink and asked me if I was an abused child? no ok were your parents acholoics? no, but my husband is! (though it didn't tell them) do i feel loved by my parents and sibblings????? yes...ok what dose this have to to with anything? then the shrink says I hve a friend with IC and she was sick about 6 months but she is cured!!!!!! ok so I thought quietly to myself, can you hand me that big paper weight you have so I can bust it over your F&^*#%%^& head! IC HAS NO CURE!!!! and that I said! was approved right after however that was sept2001
                      'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                        Yeah, "they" sent me to a shrink too!!! I think it's standard practice. Maybe it's cheaper than sending you to someone who actually knows what IC is?
                        I told the shrink all about how depressing it was to have IC, and how nobody even seemed to know much about it or to even have heard of it! About how the meds made me so spacey and forgetfull that it was hard to concentrate on the test. I got up to pee 3x during the 1 1/2 hr test, apologizing each time of course. I just couldn't seem to think of much of anything during the inkblot test, although I surely was trying... those inkblots MUST look like SOMETHING other than a bladder! The memory test didn't go to well either, I just couln't seem to stay focused... Oh well, I did my best... and I got approved for disability 2 weeks later! Hey if you've got to play the game, tell it like it is (even exagerate a little if you have to, since they won't believe half of what you say anyway!) Don't be embaressed to do whatever you have to to get the help you deserve! Don't let the *** get you down!