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  • SSI doctor appointment

    I had my appointment with the SSI Disability doctor yesterday & I think all went well. I say this because the doctor knew about IC & has patients of his own with IC. He seemed knowledgeable about IC & what some of the treatments were for it. He also seemed sympathetic & understanding about IC & I say this because at the end of my visit he said that IC can be a either it was a devastating or deliberating disease. He also asked when I was in the examining room if it was too cold & I said yes so he went & turned off the air conditioner.
    And at the end of the visit when I went back in to his office to finish talking to him he said that I had been a very good patient. So I think that I will get a good report in my favor. Wish me luck & keep your fingers crossed. I have been having more pain recently than I have had in the past maybe after the stress of finding out if this is approved with out any more delays it will let up.