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ssd for ic??

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  • ssd for ic??

    I was told by my ur the other day that i probably would never be able to work again. She suggested i try for ss. After reading the messages here I was woundering if anyone got ssd for ic alone; as oppose to getting it for depression or as part of a combination of conditions?

    Also.... if anyone could help me along I would be gratefull. I asked for an ss statement to check if i'm what.. Do i just I gather my records??? Write a pain diary?????

    After seeing my bladder the other day i kinda got angry as opposed to the depression and denial of the last 4 months. I decided to stay strong, try to fend off guilt and hoplessness by being more active in the medical and social conasequenses of my situation. Thanx for reading this.. i hope i didnt ramble...

    my email is [email protected]
    Randy Sarner

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    I recieved my ssd first try I live in michigan. and I was approved with just ic since then I have aquired every other diseas with it ggggggrrrrr.. on the main page there is helpful info on ssd..
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      Hi Randy

      Nice to meet you. I have just had my hearing and I am waiting on the outcome of that. I too applied just based on the IC. My doctor put in there that I have high blood pressure, but that is controlled thru medication pretty well. If I were you I would go for it. Good Luck and keep in touch with us. LisaK


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        I can tell you one probably have a hell of a better chance than I did. If your doctor is willing to put into writing that you should not be working, that will greatly improve your chances. My urologist did not say that but my psychiatrist DID which is why I finally got approved if only for depression.