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Anyone have to go back to Appeals Court?

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  • Anyone have to go back to Appeals Court?

    I am a nervous wreck because I have been on disability for 3 years and I received a letter from the appeals council. I know people have spoke of a review but I have been send a letter saying I will be in front of the same judge in an appeals court. Has anyone else had to go through this and can anyone give me some advice? They are looking for more proof??? Sometimes I wish these chronic illnesses were more visable as with MS. We all know what stress does to our IC and this just makes our lives so much harder.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Cora

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    This is not unusual. It's something that is done just to be sure people are still disabled. I'm sure you will get other responses with advice about what you need to do to be ready.

    Stay safe

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      wish I could help I"m in the same boat basically. My disability was approved through Dec I'm up for review this year as well. I hope everything goes well for you. I called SS a couple of weeks ago to ask them how the review process worked *I live in VA* and they said they could request one of 3 ways....just a letter from them to you asking if anythings changed, 2. the above plus med docs from your doctors requesting the same info... and 3. going back in front of the judge for review.

      I'm scared as well....but I know my doctors will back me on this, and if I have to go in front of my judge I had during my appeals process....then I think I'll be okay *feeling a bit faint now* I'm nervous as all get out.....

      I wish you all the best hun and let me know how things work out. I'm interested to see how this process works.

      hugs to you


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        In general, your benefits will continue as long as you are disabled. However, they will review your case periodically to see if you are still disabled. The frequency of the reviews depends on the expectation of recovery.

        If medical improvement is "expected," your case normally will be reviewed within six to 18 months.
        If medical improvement is "possible," your case normally will be reviewed no sooner than three years.
        If medical improvement is "not expected," your case normally will be reviewed no sooner than seven years.

        Since they don't know much about IC, we've got to teach them. Go in for that review and stand your ground.

        Good Luck Ladies.
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