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    I am due to see a disability doctor on November 1st. I am nervous and don't know what to expect. I just filed in July and haven't gotten an answer yet just an appointment to meet with their doctor. Anyone? What do I expect? I hurt so bad in bladder and kidney areas in back. I don't want him/ her to hurt me worse. Please talk to me about this whole process, someone.
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    Thanks alot to you. I got no replies to my email and it hurts that no one bothered to reply. Thanks again. Tammy


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      Hi Optimistic:
      Just sent you a private message.
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        Im sorry you didnt get alot of responses.. I know this is probably too late, but for further knowledge for everyone, the only time Social Security sent me in for medical doctor (one of theirs) wasnt even for my IC-or other physical problems. It was a phycologist-who met with me for about half hour=-evauluated me, and didnt have alot to ssy.. They dont tell you anything--ive went through it twice now, i hope this helps?? I hope that your evaluation helps you get your Social Security, im so tired of the fight with them---please cross your fingers and pray this time i get approved. Again i apologize, im new here and would have posted... Please post and let us know how it went??? Was it a physical evaluation or mental????? Take care and God Bless, Kaye <img src="graemlins/angel.gif" border="0" alt="[angel]" />


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          I would have responded to your post, but I have never filed for disability so I wouldn't have any idea of what transpires when a patient is evaluated by one of their disability doctors.

          Are there others here who have had the experience?

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            How about an update on your appointment? How did it go?