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Fighting in Florida

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  • Fighting in Florida

    Hey Everyone hi

    I have been denied twice and I am getting really frustrated at these SSD people. banghead I called the SSD office and asked them to send me a form so I could review my file to make sure everything is in order. I wish these people could be in our shoes for just one day and experience the pain we feel maybe then they would understand! toilet I called my lawyer and he is suppose to be filing for a hearing but that could take 6 months to a year to even get a date. cussing Good grief I am so tired of waiting. Thank you for listening to me and dont worry I am not giving up. God Bless all of you. Lisa angel

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    im from mi apply and lost the frist time got a lawyer and won on the second time hang in there you will get it we have 2 play there games because of people who r not disability and apply and lost is what ruined it 4 the rest who r disability i will be praying 4 u good lucky


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      i will be praying for you... angel


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        Hi Lisa,

        I share your burden!!! kissing

        I too have been denied twice and am now waiting for my Admin. Judge hearing date - which, incidentaly is now 3 mos. PAST the customary 8 mo. waiting period.

        I am thankful that at least it is in an attorney's hands, at this point - what a headache, trying to speak to someone at SS, when you're going it alone! (First started the process several years ago.) banghead banghead banghead

        The good news: my attorney says that she only takes cases she believes she will win and her office has a 97/98/or 99% success rate - it's been so long, I forget exactly which!

        Whatever the odds, things are looking better all the time...

        angel Sending prayers your way/keep the faith - grouphug