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It's strange how things work..

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  • It's strange how things work..

    I received the letter of appeal that my lawyer wrote up on my behalf and I think I might actually get it this time. This time around, she is pushing the psychiatric "card" to support my IC claims by bringing up two separate psychiatric GAF test "scores" from the past year. The results show that my depression indicates a "serious impairment" when it comes to working. I don't know too much about these scores but my research seems to show these scores weigh pretty heavily with the SS people. I guess it doesn't matter but it seems strange that I might win this case for a totally different reason from where I started.

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    thats great if u win than maybe ssi,ssd will see that this is a big problem and then more people will have a better chance of winning and they will make it easier 4 the rest who apply 2 win good lucky and let me know how u come out