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    After seeing here that IC now has a "Policy Interpretation Ruling" with SS I decided to check on disability myself. It was something that I have feared having to do because I work part time but it has been increasingly harder to work and I am afraid if I have to quit and apply for disability and dont get approved then I am just stuck. I called SS today to check on the Work Incentive Program which is from what I understand geared towards people that have disabilities and want to go back to work. They can make as much as 780.00 per month and still be eligible for disability if you are receiving benefits, etc. Everyone that I have talked to there has been very friendly, helpful and patient. My question was if you are working part time and making less than 780.00 per month can you still apply for disability benefits. I got conflicting answers, one person said yes that you could as long as you were below the 780.00 limit (by the way this will go up to 800.00/month in January 2003)and another said that this was for people who were not working only. Can anybody help me with this question.

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    I strongly encouraged you or anyone with this disease to apply NOW for it is not easy to get approved.I don't care whether we are listed as a crippling disease. It will take at least a good 8 months esp. I was stucked for 2 years with all the help you could ever imagined.But I suggest that you hire a lawyer on a contingency basis. Because of my naivete of the system I was denied 3x & got evicted many times because I come to the point that I cannot work anymore & I have myself & my only son to support, I am a single mom then.Through the years I supported myself by being blessed with true humane friends & I did other things forbidden to Catholic religion just to survive.Let us not get into that.
    Anyhow ,about your question,under the PASS (Plan to Achieve Self Support)program there is no limit on how much you earned unless you don't go over 60K in 6 mos.You ask them for the redbook on Self employment Support 2002 it is explained very well there.My lawyer provides me with all these info.
    PASS Program 1-800 297 4291 let someone there send you the booklet on just the PASS alone.I also want you to know that with this disease we are entitled to have a handicapped plate whether or not you are proclaimed by the Federal crippled or not.Just ask your Uro to fill out a form from the Motor Vehicles "immediate access to restrooms".That is almost in all States
    Hope this info is helpful to you. Best luck to you ......Oceana


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      Susan, for what it worth this is my situation. I get disability and I work part time. I was told that I can not make more than $740.00 a month, so I am very careful and keep it to that. I had applied for disability after I had a lost a job and was very surprised when they gave to me the first time I applied! That was about 7 years ago. Last year I had some months when I made more than the $740 and they made me give them all kinds of documentation as to where I had spent my money to prove that I had medical bills, etc. Thay had gone back for 3 years that I had had months making more than the approved amount, so now I am extremely careful. I have to work because I do do not get very much in the way of monthly benefits. I would try applying, you never know! My advice though is to have as much proof of your problems as possible, ie. doctor's letters stating your various health problems, letters from therapists, if you are seeing any or have seen someone in the past and they know about your health problems, even letters from employers, friends, relatives. Anyone who can vouch for your ongoing difficulties. I wish you much luck. Judith


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        Thank you so much for replying. I am really afraid to apply since I am working but I guess it couldnt hurt. I shouldnt have any trouble with documentation, etc. I was diagnosed with Chronic Epstein Barr Virus in 1991 and havent worked full time since. I dont know if you are aware of this or not but the amount will go up to 800.00 I am told by SS in January 2003. I might go for it anyway - what do I have to lose. Thank you again.


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          Thanks Susan, I will have to call my local office and find out. I really don't want to have to go through documenting every thing again if they say I make too much! It was a royal pain in the you know what! Judith