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Do you think they screw up on purpose?

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  • Do you think they screw up on purpose?

    Between the letters I read here and my own experience with the "approval" process, I really think that they purposely screw up certain applications in order to push them aside for awhile (or forever depending on the case). I mean these people either can't read whats in front of them or "mistake" are purposely made in order to get us out of the way for awhile. Maybe I'm paranoid it sure seems that way sometimes.

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    I have heard many times that they almost everybody gets denied the first time. They think that you will give up and not try again, that you will get discouraged. I am not sure if they screw up purposely but I think that they dont do a thorough job and really dont give it the attention that they should. In my case, when I went to the SS Office to look at my case file after my denial I found 10 unmailed medical release forms in my file that were never mailed to the doctors. I think that they put very little effort into the first time around and could care less - thinking that if they deny you that you will give up. I am waiting on my second time around. Talked to my case worker the other day and was told that they were waiting on records from one doctor. The case worker called the doctors office and was told that they were refusing to mail any medical records to disability until they got paid for the ones that they had already mailed out. When I found this out I called the doctors office and told them that I would pay them the 11.00 that disability charges them if they could go ahead and send my records. It ended up that it was only one visit that they were waiting on. It is soooo frustrating. Anyway, they agreed to go ahead and fax my one visit to disability. I should hear something soon - I hope. I am really getting exhausted and depressed with this whole system and the waiting. Susan


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      My son was hit by a van when he was walking down the road about 3yrs ago and he was in the hospital for a little while, now he has degenerative disc desease in his spine and he has been trying to get on ssi for the last 2 yrs. he is only 27 and can't hold a job for very long at a time because he starts hurting too much and has to take off work. He is also so stubborn and thinks that he should do everything that he used to do and goes ahead and does it anyway, then he pays dearly for it. They turned him down for the 3rd time last dec. and I have been trying to get him to appeal and he doesn't want to fool with them anymore. But he is going to have to do something soon. He didn't get alawyer to help him though. I wish I knew what I could do to help him.
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        His insistance on doing things just the way he used to is probably the reason he keeps getting turned down. I've been looking for p/t work and my lawyer told me something very important. Here is the difference between what SS considers a legitimate 20 week and what is not. If you are working 2 full eight hour days as opposed to 4 five hour day, thats enough for SS to deny you. They both add up to 20 but the first instance involves a FULL workday; something you've been insisting you can't handle. I never thought of it that way before. Maybe you might mention that to your son if he is really serious about obtaining benefits.


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          yes sad i really think they do it for meanest! it took me two years to get on my ssd. and a judge to order them to give it to me i mean heck why have to pay a judge and then have to give someone all that back time when they could go ahead and give it to the person as soon as they prove they need it. oh they make me so angery and to top it off they want to review me every year for the first five years because they say ic is treatable so there for somewhere down the line i will be pain free and able to work........Boy I will be glad to see that day i really want to work and i would work as many hours as i could if it wasnt for this dang ic. banghead
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            For what it's worth:

            A friend in the healthcare system recently shared, that Soc. Security Disability just changed some guidelines for approval (appeared in the SSD Newsletter her office receives):
            Now, you are looked upon as an unfavorable candidate, if you able to work P/T <in any capacity>.


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              For what it's worth:

              A friend in the healthcare system recently shared, that Soc. Security Disability just changed some guidelines for approval (appeared in the SSD Newsletter her office receives):
              Now, you are looked upon as a "highly unfavorable" candidate, if you able to work P/T in any capacity...
              Also - An ICA Newsletter article ran a personal account of someone going thru' the SDD process, including this point <from her personal experience>: BECAUSE she tried to work P/T, her case took MUCH, much longer than others - 5 long years.

              What a shame that the system is so flawed; here you have hurting individuals, struggling to do all they can to carry their weight/tho' unable to earn enought to actually live on, and yet they are "punished" for trying so hard! banghead

              Here's what I think of the system: toilet !!!

              Good luck to all -
              From one who is in her 3rd year of the process, and STILL waiting after 11 long mos. for an Administrative Judge Hearing (was told by my atty. it should only take 8)... angel Trusting in God to work it out... grouphug Keep the faith!