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  • No hope for SSI

    Well I just saw my second lawyer about SSI and found out even though just my 6 fused vertabrae alone without my IC qualifies me for SSI but I would have to get a divorce from my husband and move out into a house alone in order to get this pathetic amount of money. banghead banghead . My husband makes too much money for me to get SSI and I cant get SSD because I haven't paid in enough due to most of my jobs being cash only jobs. So oh well end of story.

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    Pristine, I don't know if you will read this, since you posted it back in March, but my situation is much the same. Georgia and Illinois must be related to each other somehow. Like you, I haven't worked very much, not because I didn't want to, but because my husband is a dinasaur and didn't want his wife to work, so I haven't worked since i was a teenager. Anyway, someone told me years ago that i could get social security disability for severe anxiety disorder, read here, agoraphobia. i didn't even bother trying then, but then, I got ic and was told I could really! get disability. Well, i called the ss dept. and was told at first, sure, you can get disability for anxiety disorder and with ic on top of it, no problem. Then, they asked me how much my husband made. When I told them, and believe me, it's not much, he works in a factory and we can barely cover our bills, all of a sudden he made too much. To top it off, they told me that I couldn't even get social security when 65 because I hadn't paid in enough. I asked what I would have to do to be eligible and they told me I could get disability if A) my husband was dead, because I could get his social security, and then only a portion of it or B) I could divorce my husband and get disability, but in that case, I couldn't own anything that was worth over 2,000 dollars, INCLUDING my car! So, I don't really know what people like you and I are supposed to do, especially when we get older. I guess we are just supposed to take our diseases and starve in the streets. I used to fight with my sister that the United States of america would never let it's older people starve because that would look bad to the rest of the world. Now, I'm not so sure, because even though I live in a town of 16,000, I see people every day, pushing shopping carts and picking up bottles for the return money and these are not young people. The government doesn't want to pay grouphug people who worked and paid in, and they certainly don't want to pay people like us! I think it's a no win situation, but if anything should happen to my husband, I can guarantee, I will fight for every penny I can get!
    mary jiminez


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      Mary and Pristine,
      I have been down that road and I know how both of you feel. If we didn't have insurance, we would have been on the street a long time ago!! I have worked and paid in, but my last job was a Manicurist, and I didn't pay in. They claim I don't have enough hours to collect. I had to give up my manicurist job with Ic, but that didn't matter to them.
      Wish both of you better luck, than I had.
      People may not remember exactly what "you did, or what you said, but- they will always remember how you made them feel"