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  • Question??????????

    Hello to all, I was just wondering if anyone knew where to send for the packet thats offered through either the ICN or the ICA--problem being I read about it months ago-but now cant remember where???? Some type of packet thats sent to either yourself or the judge-for the hearing for SSI-Disability... I really want to get it-in hopes it helps with my case.. I really wish now id have wrote it down.. But was hoping that I would of gotten approved during my reconsideration phase.. I did hire a new attorney last week-and found out that the hearing isnt going to take a year-there scheduling out about 8 months right now-so thats a little better I also found out the my attorneys going to ask that they backdate to my original application back in 1997, I had gone through the whole process-but had been denied. But I didnt have IC then or the other medical problems like I have now.. It took about 3 years-for application-reconsideration-hearing-and appeals council. When I restarted in January of this year. So please everyone cross your fingers and send those prayers--Im not going to count on it-but it would be great. I really need to have the better medical coverage-so Im hoping it goes through. I did print anything I could find out about IC-on the net. And sent it in also.. Hoping this would help??? IF anyone knows where I can find that packet-please let me know.. Thanks Once Again, Kaye [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    I'm pretty sure you can get one here at the ICN MarketPlace. I got mine thru ICA because they had it out at the time I needed it an it was very helpful. But, if you have hired an attorney, you are paying him d**n good money to be handling this and this guy had BETTER have all the answers!

    wishing you the very best~
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      Kaye,you have a lot of company.
      I was just denied but it is just round one.
      I now have an Attorney who deals only in SSDI and Workmens Comp cases
      I went to her office with my denial letter and she told me that they will deny the first time or even the second.
      She put my appeal in for me and low and behold last Fri I received some more paper work to fill out BUT it was from the Vocational Disability Examiner and A Whole New Team to evaluate my claim.
      My Lawyer told me that they try to intimidate you so you will just not Appeal!!
      Of course they also added (as last time)if they needed more medical info they would send me to a physician of their choice.
      I went through that with the Physc evaluation.
      I was in his office for 15 mins--good eval.He works for the Government.They gets paid $88 for his 15 min eval.
      According to him,the Paxil was helping me minimally for now BUT by the end of this year it should be fine.Does he have a crystal ball???He must be a SUPER..SUPER..Doctor.
      Kaye,just hang in there and can I ask a question?Does you lawyer specialize in SSDI?
      My lawyer will be working with my doctors on how to word my medical problems on their report.
      And you have to document,document and it is also start a journal of daily happenings with what you have to deal with on a daily basis and your feelings and how your family is dealing with.
      I wish you all the luck and let me know how things are going for you.Stay Strong.
      delores [email protected]