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  • Disability

    I have been having a lot of trouble driving to and from work on the pain medication I am on. Last week I almost fell asleep twice while driving. I called my primary care doctor (who I have only been seeing since Sept.) and asked about going on disability. She said she did not know enough about IC to do it and I should ask my pain specialist. The reason I wanted the primary to fill out the papers was that she diagosed me in Sept with diabetes also and my sugars are over 300 and under 60 in the course of a four hours period. It's the combination of the two that are making it so difficult to work.

    Right now I have an ins plan that you could go in or out of network. I started with this new doctor when I started the plan in Sept. During the month of April I can change my ins plan. If I did I could go back to my primary doctor that I have seen for the last 10 years.

    My question is whose responsiblity is it to write the letter for disability benefits. Is it the Pain Specialist or can a Primary care doctor do it as well?

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    It's probably going to take letters from both of your doctors.

    One little hint about pain meds and driving --- if possible take your morning pain me just before you head for work. I used to put on my coat, take the pain pill, then drive the half hour required to get to my office. I was alert for the drive. I did the same before driving home.

    I know this my not be even a remote possibility for you, but thought I would share.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I had the help of all my dr's when I applied are won my SS disability. You really need an informed uro to give the proper info to SS. You could use your primary dr to write a letter about the trouble with your sugar levels. Also, the depression that I suffer played a big part in winning my case on my 1st appeal. I had 14 years of medical records, both dr and hospital, to send to SS regarding the IC plus the help of a wonderful uro nurse. IT IS DO-ABLE. What I did when I applied was make it a 'mission'. I was going to win no matter what it took. I live in Michigan and you can't get most lawyers here to take your case until you are denied twice, but I think that's because they want their 25% and the longer it takes, the bigger their cut is. (Just my opinion)

      If you decide to apply, use EVERY medical condition, no matter how small it may be to your advantage.....hope this helps some teri
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        Hi Ginny,
        Teri gave you good advise. You need to use all of your medical conditions to build your case. You have to prove that you are unable to do any job, not just the one you are doing now. In my disability case, I used the medical records from the urologist that diagnosed me and treated me for the first year. I also used my records from my uro that is treating me now and my neurosurgeon who has operated on my spine and currently treating me for other degenerative spine problems. I was approved for SS disability this past January on my initial application. I don't know if I got lucky, but I think that my case was very comlete and proved my disability. Good luck if you decide to apply! Let us know if you have any other questions about the process.


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          Thanks to everyone for your replies. Can you tell me how you started the process? Did you quit your job and then start the paperwork? Like everyone else I really can't afford to quit if I am not going to receive compensation.
          Did you collect all the letters first thinking that it looks like you will be able to get it?
          I have had IC for 18 years so I am a little worried they are going to say why now.
          One more question. Do they reevaluate your benefits every so often?


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            Ginny,go to my post,it is the second one re:A.C.C.E.E.S.S. it may be of help to you.And you can start the process now getting all the forms form SSDI.You can go on line to the Social Security Web Site.But you need to document everything and it sounds like you are a brittle diab.along with IC and probably other medical problems that coincide with your diabetes. take care of yourself and remember that we are always here to help if we can.healing hugs,delores