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  • Saw SS disability doctor ....

    Hi everyone. Well today I went to a internal medicine dr that SS wanted me to go to. I sat there for 2 hours, talked to him for 10 minutes, had x-ray done of my back and then left.

    I have been trying to get ssd since dec of 2002. Today I was seeing him for IC, depression, anxiety and scolosis. My main concern is the IC. I told him I have an interstim device..He did not even know what it was. I explained I still go to the bathroom every hour or less. When he x-rayed my back he thought the device was "neat".

    Anyways my can the expect us to talk to their dr for only 10 minutes and let them get years worth of info. I hope I do not get turned down because of his lack of knowledge on IC and interstims.

    Just had to vent

    Thanks Patricia

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    Hi there Patricia,
    There are lots of articals that say that you can get SSD with ic now. I was approved the first time before IC was considered a disibility. Please have your doctors write up what your conditions are and get copies. I too have the interstim and I had a ruptured cyst, trying to explain IC and the interstim to er doctors was beginnig to tick me off. I just wanted to scream Just give me pain meds and go look it up in the computer you idiots........ any way got off track there.... lol
    I don't know how they expect to get all there knowledge in on your medical history in 10 mins.. they sent me to a physcologist and told me ic was 100% cureable.... these quacks to pull there heads out of the toliets and get it togeather..
    I do hope you get you ssd.... and quickly
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'