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Would I even have a chance?

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  • Would I even have a chance?

    I'm a 27 year old mother of two who was a stay at home mom. No sooner did I file for divorce and need a job, I was slammed with this disease. I have a wonderful man in my life who takes care of things the best he can, but I have two girls to take care of. One, I can't find a day job, two I keep ending up with horrible flares and needing new treatment or possibly surgeries. Would they even consider me, even though I have medical records to prove all of this. I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety attacks, I had all of that before the IC came into my life. I've been searching for a job for months and sometimes I'll have to stop looking because I'm in so much pain. Then I'll feel a little better and look again. I'm afraid this disease and my lack of success with treatment will keep me from having an income. Thanks, Shannon

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    You could certainly apply. You may be refused at first, but hang in there --- most people are refused at the first try.

    Stay safe

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      Anyone looking for Disability info, I talked to a group I found on the web cause my friend had applied and they were extremely helpful. It has been in existance for over 20 years and the site is very informative. I'm not sure if I am allowed to post it here but if I am am will be glad to share the info.

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        I am on SS Disability for IC! It took my appealing all the way to a hearing before the judge, praise G-d I won. However the judge not only went back to when I applied for SS disability, he went back a few year's before that. Cool huh? They subtract one year from the time they decide you were disabled. I am glad G-d was on my side that day. I would have only won 1 year back pay verses 4 years. I had not even been diagnosed at that time but I had been unable to hold full time work because of Pelvic Pain.

        hi However the new scoop is that SSA has made IC a ruling to receive disability pay un SSR 02-2p.

        Just thought I would share that piece of good news with you.
        G-d bless and take care, Lady C kissing


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          On November 5, 2002, it was official that IC now qualifies for SSI disability. If you would like a copy of that ruling, you can go to and look it up. Just type in Interstitial Cystitis when doing your search.>Tina
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