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    I would like to know (if you don't mind telling me) how long did it take for you to get a letter from the SS after you got the Approval letter from Judge? It's been since Jan 2/04 that I got my approval letter but that is it! What should I expect next? A letter from SS or My Monies or What? You can tell I need my money... scream my phone is 2 months past due and house payment 1 month past due...Electric is past due /already got disconnection notice eek .. ETC..... on and on...everything is PAST DUE HERE!!!thanks for your help!!!Thanks for listening!!!
    love Brenda angel
    OBEY ACTS 2:38
    Remember you are not alone in your pain:Ask Jesus to hold your hand...HE WILL!!!!!!

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    Brenda, I got my money before I got the letter from SS. Did they call you and get your back information? Otherwise, I would call social security. They should be able to tell you when you will get your money. Good luck!


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      Hi Brenda

      I am happy for u!!!! I know what u mean my phone was 4 months behind, house 3, and electric got cut off 1 time. It took about 2 months from the time I got my letter to receive a deposit in my checking account. Did you sign up for direct deposit? If not it would be better for you to do this. The money was deposited in the account before I got a letter from the paymentcenter, so check your account every day. I also called my case worker at SS and she told me about when to expect a deposit. Good Luck!!!! Lisa