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    I just wondering from those lucky enough to get SSD during the first try, how many doctors did social security send you to? I live in Louisiana. I sent my orginal application in December. In Feburary I went for a psyo. exam. I finally got a hold of my examiner today. She stated they are requesting I go to a internal medicine doctor now.

    I sent my orginal request for IC, Migraines, depression and anixeity. I recently added scolosis that I have had since a teenager my chiropractor (SP) suggested I submit that. And I recently found out I have a rare allergy condition that when pollen gets on me I swell up, have rashes, itch all that good stuff. I am now taking 2 allergy shots a week.

    I always thought no news is good news but now I am wondering if they really believe I have all of this wrong with me? Could they just find this out from talking to the doctors? I guess now I am just starting to worry. I have been off work since May of 2002.

    Anyway I know this is long but if anyone can help it would mean a bunch. Thanks for listing.


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    I just received SSD on the first try. They did not send me to any doctors. I signed releases and gave them the names of my Uro, my Gyno, my Internist, and my therapist. When applying, did you give all your doctor's names, or just your Uro? Because I think that makes a difference...if you can show that you have been to a myriad of doctors, and all those doctors think you need to be on disability, then I would think that would definately help.

    Where in Louisiana are you. I am in Madisonville, which is right across the lake from New Orleans. The reason I ask is that I have a fantastic Uro. Her notes are unbelievable, and I think that helped me enormously. Right after seeing a patient, she immediately goes to a separate private area and dictates EVERYTHING that was said and done duing the exam. My Rep at SSD even commented on how thorough her notes are. I don't think that happens very often.

    So anyway, no, I did not have to see any doctor's. Please let me know how it is going, and I will be praying that all goes well for you and you make it on the first pass. I do know (from my Rep) that they just put a Uro on the medical review board, and she said that he is extremely compassionate and very knowledgable about IC. Everyone who works for SSD has also had to go through a special training on IC, so I think maybe things will begin to get easier for IC patients, as far as approval goes. At least in this state.

    God Bless...

    "It's not brave if you're not scared..."


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      cristina thanks for the reply. I live about an hour south of Shreveport. So we are on the opposite ends of LA..I submitted all my doctors names and address. I think I might have made things harder because none of my doctors new about me filing. It just seems more things keep creeping up with this and other things. But I have an uncle that also had to go to the doctors. So I guess if you have more docuements supporting you from your doctors the better off you are. I just hope things work out like they did for you. I also replied to your vent post. I did that earlier today. Thanks for the encourgement.



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        Patricia~you can send any info that you think of to your case worker at any time. You really should make appts to see your dr's so that you can explain to them what's happening. When I went thru it, I also asked my dr's to write a personal letter to add with my records.

        best of luck
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          A doctor's letter is helpful--multiple doctors if possible. My husband also pulled every article that he and the doctors could find on IC. Six years ago, there was not a S.S.code for IC. Those back-up articles, along with all medical rcords and a daily diary helped me a lot.

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            I had to go see a phys. too, and she told me she had a friend with ic an was cured.. i wanted to slap the you know what out of her because i knew better especilly having a mom with ic too... don't give up hope, they want to make sure every thing is up to date... (they are slow at any rate)
            best of luck
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