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    I overheard something at work today. A lady was talking to her doc about her disability and she said her lawyer had told her that because Pres. Bush had taken so much money out of the SS fund it was really hard to get approved right now. Just thought that may be the reason why so many are having a hard time with it. Good Luck!!


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    I don't think it's EVER a simple matter to be approved for disability. The SS people are trained to "weed out" anyone who POSSIBLY is not disabled --- and some just get too "efficient" about it. And it's not something new. Unfortunately, those who really do need the disability approval to survive are being hurt by frivolous claims.

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      I agree to a point. I still agree with the lady who said it, if there is no money in the SS fund then it is going to be
      ESPECIALLY hard for anyone to get disability. I do agree that alot of people get SSD who do not deserve it but the way the people at the SS department look at it is if a person can drive themselves to the doctor, sit at a computer and do other normal things then they can work. It's sad but it's true.



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        Kenzy~at the time I got mine SS had only $260 to proove you WERE able to work. They even wasted part of that money on the rudles dr in the United States, then turned around and sent me for a phyco exam. Well, with the idiot Dr #1 he kept asking what I could do and finally I whipped down my pants (I had just had my implant surgery.....he said interview over and walked out the door. He was a complete pig. I called my case worker an I'm pretty sure he's not there any more..........maybe he went for a ride on his broom and got lost???????

        Dr. #2. First think I say is, I don't know what I'm doing here. I've been seeing shrink for 9 years. That was a really really short visit :cool:

        I had a strong work record and when I got sick you could see my pay check cut in half. After being sick long enough and tired of calling in sick I just quit. I really think this helped me more than the others but...............

        When applying, give it ALL you've got! Get your own medical files from your Dr's AND hospital otherwise someone IS going to say "but I already sent them"....if you have your own records you can copy them as often as you need and just re-send them.

        Tell all of your dr's that you are applying....TELL them how much has been take from you because of this disease......Whatever you do, don't quit!!!!!!!! It's your money. You are paying into the system every pay check you get so go ahead and get the ball rolling.

        wishing you the very best~

        I turned mine into a mission. I wasn't going to quit until I had validation. First time I was turned down.....probably all but 1% are approved the first time. I won mine after I filed an appeal.
        Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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          That is great. I'm not applying for SS. I just overheard the conversation at work and thought it may help answer some questions for some who were having a hard time. I guess my point is that's it's all political. it doesn't matter how sick you are, if the time is not right and the money is not there they are likely to deny you. i don't think that is fair. People who deserve ir should get it. My dad likes to joke that the money is not there because all my sorry *** , lazy family is getting it while people who are truly in pain have such a hard time. The system just sucks some times. Wishin you the best!