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Federal Review of Appeal for SS Disability

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  • Federal Review of Appeal for SS Disability

    I mentioned this in another post but wanted to mention it again to see if anybody has had this happen to them. I havent been the luckiest person in the world. Anyway, I filed for disability and got denied, appealed and got a call from my state disability case worker that my case had been approved and the "ONLY" thing that might happen is that 1-5 cases get pulled for federal review. Slim chance he says. I got a call from my SSA case workers that I had been approved but pulled for federal review!!! My luck! Anyway, my two case workers, state disability and SSA say that the decision can be overturned at the federal level BUT my state case worker said that he was the supervisor of the claims managers and the state medical examiner for disability reviewed my case personally and if they find fault in that there was something wrong. He said that the state medical examiner usually doesnt review cases unless there is a conflict between doctors which wasnt my case. I have my local congressman to thank for all of this I believe. Anyway, I contacted the main SSA office and was told via email from two different individuals that the review is to make sure that the state office is following protocol that it isnt to review my case at all as far as approval and that the decision will not be changed. My case is supposed to be approved and not up for review for 7 years which is great. Can anybody shed some light on this as to what I can expect to happen. I have my fingers crossed. Susan

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    Now I am kinda scared by what you just said. I called the congressmans office and thought this would help speed it up, but do you think this is the wrong thing to do? eek You said that you have your congressman to thank for this??? What do you mean by that? cussing I hope it doesnt backfire and make things longer.... banghead Oh good grief these SSA people are something else!!! What in the world will they think of next> banghead Good Luck to you... LisaK hi


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      Susan~I won my SS at the same level you won yours. I did have a review after 2 years and now I am on permanent disability, which means they would have to prove that I am not disabled and they don't have any desire to do that. Now I will be reviewed every 5-7 years.

      Have you received a check yet? It sounds like everything is headed in the right direction. IT's hard not to push the panic button sometimes and some of us build bridges when we don't have to so stop worrying. I know it's hard but it's necessary. Just remember, we are here for you and won't go away. PLEASE keep us updated on this because it may help some lady who just lerks on this board but doesn't post....your info might be the only info she can get

      sending nothing but good thoughts your way angel
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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        I got in touch with my Congressman when I appealed. He and his staff have been very helpful in keeping track of what is going on with my case and I do believe that because of him my case went through very quickly until it hit this federal review thing. There is absolutely nothing that he can do about the federal review. From what I understand it is a computerized random check that is done via the last 4 digits of your social security number, so you are pulled for review. My congressman is in the process of writing a letter to SSA to see if he can get my case put on the "front burner" so I believe that he has been very, very helpful. They are aware of the federal review system and stated that alot of times the cases arent even looked at, but with my luck - mine probably will. I have no regrets about getting my congressman involved. I believe that he and his staff have been very helpful. Susan


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          After going back and reading my first post I can see where you got excited. What I meant was that my Congressman was responsible for the supervisor of the case workers and the chief medical examiner reviewing my case on the appeal - not that he was responsible for my file being pulled for review...sorry about that. No, by all means in my case I think that it was the very thing that got the whole case through so quickly. I applied on February 19th, 2003 and already have been denied on the first round and then appeal and a decision made on that. This federal review is different than the review that you have to have after being approve receiving your benefits and after two years being reviewed again to make sure that you still qualify for benefits. This is a federal review of the state disability office to make sure that they are going through all of the steps, etc. that they are supposed to go through in a disability case. In other words, I have my case tied up in some beaucratic bull until they review the states practices. I am just hoping that what my case workers told me still stands after they do their review. I was told I was approved for total and permanent disability and not up for review for 7 years BUT my case had a 1 in 5 chance of randomly being pulled for federal review. As I said this, from what I am told is a computer randomly picks the 1-5 chart for review by the last four digits of the social security number. I am just so concerned that the original determination will be overturned. This is what the letter to the congressman said (in short): We assessed the medical evidence of record and made a determination on Ms. Kershner's claim. However, the claim was selected for federal review by our Disability Quality Branch, Philadelphia, PA and on 8/5/03 the claim was forwarded to that office. If you have further questions la la la!!!!! I would think that if the determination could not be overturned that I would have received a letter by now stating that I had been approved but I have not. I am worried to death over this More waiting and waiting - although I do consider myself very lucky that I have already gone through the initial, then denied, appealed and supposedly approved in a 6 month period without getting an attorney, etc. If anybody that knows anything about this federal review by the Disability Quality Branch could shed some light I would appreciate it. Susan PS. Sorry again that I confused you like that, sometimes my typing runs faster than my brain can think and sometimes the ole brain doesnt think too good kissing


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            Can anyone tell me what do you say to to the congressman to get them to help out with disability?
            I injured my back last year and also have IC and between the both of them I have not been able to return to work and I have been thinking about applying.
            Hugs, grouphug


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              Susan, I was diagnoases wiht IC 11+ yrs. ago with accute IC,.I can say I filed alone and went through their "BS of denials and appeals and in the end the exact SAME info, same dates, times, doc's etc. was all denied, and then I got an attorney..and guess what..within a week I was approved and found out my own appeal did it and the attorney didn't do anything, but still collected his 1/3..I don't know about a review. I have been on Disability for over 10 years. IC is a permanent, incurable illness and although a friend of mine is cripled with RA, and she gets reviewed once every 2-3 years??.. I have never been reviewed and don't expect to be. Once they were going to but they turned around and apologized with a, "we're sorry to inconvenience you, we understand your illness is permanent so please disregard the notice"..So, I was wondering if you got an attorney it may quicken the process, (though they do nothing differently them we do) and once approved, you shouldn't be bothered again. Hope this helps..after all IC is "FOREVER" unfortunately..Sanctuary
              Never take a "No" from someone not qualified to give you a yes..


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                Candy Cane,
                I had mentioned before on there in other posts the best thing that I ever did was to purchase Nolo's Guide to Disability. It is about 35.00 and is very useful. I found a sample letter in there to write to your governor, etcc. but I fine tuned it to personalize it and frankly thought that some of it was a little harsh an you dont wamt to make anybody mad so I made some changes. But it is a great resource book filled with info that you would never think of. I bought it from the web site and the delivey was very fast. I highly recommend it. Good luck in whatever you plan to do. Susan PS. The hardest things are going without income until you get approved and the waiting. I was lucky with only a six month wait which is almost uheard of but I think that my Congressman helped in that area.